energyclubnz is on a crusade, to deliver customers low electricity prices and a great experience. We provide Electricity at cost for a small weekly club fee, it’s that simple!

Launched to give kiwis a fair deal, we are proud to be a trusted Stuff business, who house other Kiwi brands like, Stuff Fibre and Neighbourly. You can rely on the club to do right by you, even if you choose not to join us.

Our customers enjoy NO fixed term contracts, NO break fees and NO hidden surprises, just great customer service, low prices and zero risk. So they can sit back and relax, instead of worrying about high electricity bills.

We aim to help you manage your home energy! Our weekly billing and easy app is helping our club members track their usage and break it down, to see where they can make changes and save.

energyclubnz is rolling out across the country, searching for club members in neighborhoods near you. We service Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Wellington and will be spreading across other areas over the next few months.

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