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AA travel insurance are the leading experts in travel insurance and provide you with assurance that when you’re on your travels, help is only a phone call away. Offering three different policies being their Essentials plan, Comprehensive plan and their Frequent Traveller plan, they have a variety of choices to suit any individual.

Southern cross Southern Cross

If you’re in need of cover for your travels when you’re going overseas, Southern Cross should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing a travel insurance provider. They offer a range of travel cover options including for when you’re going overseas for a holiday, going overseas for work, if you’re an international student coming to New Zealand for study or if you’re visiting New Zealand. Southern Cross’ travel insurance is quick, easy and affordable - meaning they’re an ideal choice for your next overseas adventure.


Whether you’re travelling in a pack or on your own, it’s important to have cover on your overseas adventures. AMI have your back, as they provide cover for when the unexpected happens on your trip. They offer 24-hour assistance, overseas medical cover and travel GP service, helping you get the best value for your money. Not only that, but they have a range of options for your travelling, including overseas cover, domestic cover and annual multi-trip cover. Get AMI travel insurance today for your next holiday!

Tower Tower

Tower Insurance are passionate about providing Kiwis with the best travel insurance in NZ at cheap prices. They’ll cover you for if you have medical or dental expenses, if your personal baggage is lost or stolen, any cancellations, personal liability and more on your travels, to ensure that you can have the best time. They offer two different types of cover, one being the “Cover4Travel” policy and the other being their “Provider Travel” policy.

State State

If you’re looking for the cheapest travel insurance in NZ, then State travel insurance should be a serious contender for your chosen travel insurance provider. While their prices may be lower than the ordinary insurers, they do not compromise on their quality and core offerings. They provide overseas cover, domestic cover and annual multi-trip cover, the latter allowing for great savings to be made for frequent flyers.

Columbus Columbus

Columbus Direct loves travel and believes that everyone travelling should be able to enjoy things and go on adventures with less uncertainty and more comfort, so that they’re able to make the most of their trip. Because of this, Columbus Direct prides themselves on offering travel insurance that is quick, easy and affordable.

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The types of plans

Types of plans 01
1. Overseas cover

Getting travel cover is arguably the most important when you’re travelling overseas. This is because the likelihood of more unexpected events occurring these trips tends to be higher, with longer flight processes, new environments and foreign situations that you’ll encounter. It cannot be stressed how important travel insurance is when you’re going overseas, as you’ll be able to travel freely knowing that you’ll be covered for almost anything that may go wrong on your trip. Whether you’re after the cheapest travel insurance in NZ or the best travel insurance with the most coverage, you can compare policies with CompareBear to find the right policy that suits your needs.

Types of plans 02
2. Domestic cover

While you’re travelling in New Zealand it’s easy to think that travel insurance isn’t a necessity or that it’s not worth the value. However, would you be able to cover the cost of flight cancellations, lost luggage, any negligent behaviour on your travels, all out of your own pocket? If the answer is “not”, you should seriously consider applying for domestic cover. Domestic cover means that you’ll be covered for several unexpected events occuring on your travel within New Zealand whether it’s medical costs, personal liability, lost luggage and more. This means you’ll be able to travel with peace of mind and you’ll be able to make the most out of your trip. You can compare domestic cover travel insurance policies within minutes with CompareBear, so that you can find the perfect cover on your road trip without having to bear a large cost.

Types of plans 03
3. Annual multi-trip cover

Annual multi-trip cover is cover that is provided to frequent flyers, allowing them to pay one more expensive premium that will allow them to be covered for an unlimited number of trips during the year. This provides great bang for your buck if you’re planning to travel quite a bit. If you’re interested in annual multi-trip cover, you can start comparing your options using CompareBear, as we’ll show you the best annual multi-trip policies, side by side for you to compare easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Travel insurance policies cover a range of things, with some providers offering additional things with certain policies. The main things that ordinary travel insurance policies tend to cover are; medical expenses, flight cancellations/delays, personal liability, lost/stolen luggage and travel documents.

The simple answer to this is no. It is not compulsory to get travel insurance when you travel anywhere, however it is highly advised. Travel insurance, while not necessary, provides assurance in the most unfortunate events that you will be covered so that you will not have to bear such a large cost. It is a general rule with travelling that it’s better to be safe than sorry and the same applies to travel insurance.

When possible, it’s highly advised that you should get travel insurance. However, there are some circumstances where it might be not quite as necessary to get travel insurance compared to other situations. This might be when you’re only travelling a few hours up the country by car, where you’re only travelling for a few days, or you have enough money to bear the cost of any unforeseen events out of your own pocket.

No it is not too late! You can buy travel insurance after you’ve booked your flights, and that makes more sense for the majority of people. However, you’ll want to do this as soon as you’ve booked your flights so that you won’t miss out on benefits such as trip cancellation benefits, cover for existing medical conditions and more.

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