Compare: 10 Best Price Comparison Websites in New Zealand

Date Nov 25, 2020
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By Staff Writer

Want to find the best prices in your online shopping? Always use a comparison website to score the best deals in New Zealand! With countless options available in the market, it’s easy to get swayed by misleading deals. A comparison website prevents this by showing you the deals and items you've been eyeing. 

These sites allow you to truly shop wisely for your essential products and services. Here are some basic factors you need to know about price comparison in New Zealand.

What is a price comparison website?

A price comparison website has a straightforward concept. You compare prices of the same products and services across different brands in the market. Some comparison websites go as far as giving you customised comparisons. Simply enter your details on their database, and they’ll give you tailored results in just a few minutes.

Comparison websites are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. They’re easy-to-use, convenient, and only take a few simple steps. Plus, Kiwis can compare a wide variety of industries — be it home utilities, travel sale, gadgets, insurance, accessories, or apparel!

How do price comparison websites work?

As the name suggests, price comparison websites compare the prices of the same products and services available in the market. Some comparison websites list a variety of categories to compare. It can be anything from broadband, mobile plan, insurance, KiwiSaver, credit and debit cards, coupons, clothing and apparel, and other services.

One of the biggest concerns of many Kiwis when using a comparison tool is data privacy. However, do note that most comparison websites only compare; they don’t process orders. They likely won’t ask for your credit card or payment information. While they sometimes request identifiable details like address, email address, or phone number, it’s only to tailor your results. Most of all, they’re bound by the new Privacy Act of 2020.

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For businesses: how do price comparison websites help retailers?

There are plenty of perks that retailers can take advantage of by listing their products and services on comparison websites. For starters, they can improve their brand’s visibility, and know which products are in demand. Here’s how price comparison websites can help retailers.

Identify which of their products are popular

Using comparison websites can easily reveal which of your items are in demand! Retailers can simply refer to the comparison data to see how their products fare against the competition. If their competitors are more in demand, they can tweak their pricing or discounts accordingly.

Know more about your competitors

As a retailer, you can learn more about your competitors using comparison websites. You can study why the products of your competitors are more in demand than yours. Plus, you can identify your direct and indirect competitors, and strategize how to get ahead of them.

Determine the prices of your products and services

Ultimately, the prices of your products and services are up to you as a retailer. However, a price comparison website can help you understand the pricing strategy of your competitors. This can give you an idea on how you can improve your pricing to garner more sales.

For customers: Here are the most popular price comparison websites in New Zealand

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are done, which means the holiday shopping season is officially upon us! Now, it's all the more important to know the best price before checking out your cart! Compare the best deals to make sure you get your money's worth. You can start comparing using these 10 most popular comparison websites in New Zealand.

1. Google Shopping

Google Shopping — formerly known as Google Product Listing Ads — is one of the largest price comparison search engines for online shoppers. It’s integrated with Google Ads, making it more comprehensive in comparing similar products. Whether you’re a retailer or consumer, you can compare prices for a wide range of products and categories with this platform.

2. PriceMe

PriceMe is best known for comparing tech devices like cameras, smartphones, laptops, and more. They list over 900,000 products from over 385 retailers, so you can trust to get the best prices in your shopping. 

3. PriceSpy

PriceSpy aims to be New Zealanders’ guide to smarter buying. They have one of the world’s most developed filtering systems, in line with their aim to get you the products that suit your needs. You can see what’s popular in each category, product reviews, and ratings to better help you in your shopping. 

4. Shopbot

ShopBot uses AI technologies to give you tailored products for your needs. They list trusted products from different industries — such as Microsoft, Sony, Toshiba, Clinique, Samsung, Canon, and more.

5. GeekZone Shopping

Want someone you can trust to show you the best tech deals? GeekZone Technology Community is your best option! They list the most popular mobile phones, tablets, ebook readers, TVs, laptops, among other tech appliances. 

6. Fashion Lane

Find the best clothes that fit your style and personality! Fashion Lane compares the best items from over 300 online fashion stores in New Zealand. Instead of physically visiting the store to check their prices, they made it easy on their website.

7. Trivago NZ

Get the best hotel deals in your travels! Trivago NZ compares hotel prices depending on the season of the year, duration of stay, location, and more! They list over 1.8+ million hotels in over 190 countries, including their ratings from trusted customers.


Can your area take advantage of ultra-fast fibre? Get the best broadband provider in your address using UFB NZ. They list local fibre companies and retail service providers available in different regions across the country.

9. glimp

Compare, switch, and save today using glimp! They have comparison services for a wide variety of services including broadband, power, mobile plans, insurance, credit and debit cards, mortgages, loans, and more! The great thing is they launch new categories now and then, expanding the services you can compare with them.

10. CompareBear

CompareBear may be one of the youngest comparison websites in New Zealand, but they have some of the most excellent services. They compare broadband, power, mobile plans, car insurance, travel insurance, KiwiSaver, and more! They list over 30+ companies and 3,000+ plans, which you can compare with $0 cost! 

Compare the best prices on your shopping and save money with CompareBear today!