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MyRepublic over the years have gained the reputation of being the experts in delivering high speed internet, which is a feat they’re looking to uphold. They have options for almost every kind of internet consumer, whether you’re looking to use the internet casually, for work and study purposes, or if you’re a hardcore gamer, they’ve got catered plans for everyone. What’s more, they’ve earned their respect by holding #1 place in download performance on Steam - showing that they’re fantastic for gamers!

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2degrees broadband have the reputation for being convenient and reliable, with their connections being as stable as ever in the broadband market. They keep their broadband simple, only offering three different broadband packages which are the 80GB plan, unlimited plan and the Ultimate unlimited plan. They’re known to offer some of the cheapest broadband deals in NZ, but they do not compromise on quality.

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In the modern day, a lot of people value choice and flexibility more than anything else. Slingshot understand this, and their broadband offerings reflect this as they have a broadband plan for everyone. Whether you’re after high speeds, unlimited data, a plan with a landline connection or anything else, Slingshot will most likely be able to provide it for you.

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Spark are one of the leading broadband providers in NZ, offering some of the best fibre broadband plans, at great prices. Their flexible broadband and their awesome perks, whether it’s free Netflix, Lightbox or Spotify subscriptions make it hard for them not to be a contender for the best broadband provider.

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Vodafone are a well respected and renowned broadband provider in NZ, and pride themselves on offering a range of broadband packages including fibre internet, naked broadband, ultrafast HFC, Home Wireless Broadband and more. You’ll notice by comparing broadband in NZ, that not only do Vodafone offer internet plans at affordable prices, but they also offer Vodafone Rewards - meaning you can get cheap movie tickets, music and sport tickets, just for having broadband with Vodafone!

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Trustpower’s broadband plans, while they tend to be bundled with power and gas plans, are known to give you bang for your buck. They offer broadband connections that are the best option for your home, whether that be VDSL, ADSL or fibre broadband - and what’s more, they offer fantastic discounts for new members. If you compare broadband plans in NZ with CompareBear, you’ll see that Trustpower have affordable pricing too, whether you’re choosing to bundle your broadband with your Trustpower power plan, or just a separate broadband plan.

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Our broadband comparison tool will help you compare broadband plans from start to finish. All you need to do to start comparing broadband deals with CompareBear, is to enter a few details about your broadband situation and requirements, and we’ll show you the best broadband deals that NZ has to offer!

Compare in minutes

Finding the perfect broadband plan doesn’t have to be difficult, nor should it be time draining. Save your time and effort by using CompareBear to compare your internet options. You can compare plans from the best broadband providers in NZ in just a few minutes, and you can even filter to compare by price and the type of broadband to save even more time.


The end result and the goal of using CompareBear as a broadband comparison tool is to help you make the most savings each month on your internet plan. By using our tool, you can find great broadband plans at affordable prices, so that not only will you save on your internet bill each month, but you can also experience better connections and faster speeds just at a few clicks! Don’t forget, our tool is 100% free to use, so start comparing with CompareBear today!

The types of plans

1 Fibre broadband plans

If you’re looking for the fastest internet available in NZ, fibre internet plans are the way to go. You’ll be able to stream your favourite TV show or sports games with no buffering and in great quality and your gaming experience will be enhanced with fibre broadband. Many internet providers in NZ now offer fibre broadband including Spark, Vodafone, Slingshot and more, meaning you have plenty of options and providers to choose from. Start comparing fibre broadband deals now with CompareBear, to find the best plan that suits your needs at affordable prices!

2 Unlimited broadband plans

Running out of broadband data in the middle of the month can be your worst nightmare, as your connection will automatically revert to dial up internet, leading to much slower internet. Unlimited broadband plans are the solution to this very problem, as you won’t even need to bother tracking your usage daily, as you’ll be able to use your internet freely! With CompareBear, you can find unlimited broadband plans for any type of broadband, whether it’s fibre, VDSL or ADSL. Gone are the days of limiting your online gaming or streaming - start comparing unlimited broadband deals in NZ to find the best unlimited internet experience for you.

3 Naked broadband plans

Is your landline phone becoming less useful by the day, and becoming more of an unused ornament in your house? Nowadays, you’ll have the option of getting naked broadband in NZ, meaning you’ll be able to get rid of your landline and pay less - sounds good right? The name, refers to the broadband deals as being stripped back to only offer the basics, which is a reliable internet connection. When you compare broadband with CompareBear, you’ll be able to find naked broadband deals for all kinds of broadband, including fibre, unlimited, VDSL and ADSL. Start paying less for your broadband and compare with CompareBear to find the perfect naked broadband plan!


  • Should I get fibre broadband?

    Ultimately, whether you should or should not get fibre broadband depends on the person and what their requirements are. For a lot of people in this modern day, having fast internet is a must and thus, fibre broadband is what they should be using. However, if you’re the kind of user that only uses the internet for casual web surfing, or you only use it from time to time, then you might want to weigh up the costs of fibre broadband against the potential benefits you’ll be gaining. Overall however, fibre internet is sure to enhance your internet experience for almost anything you do.

  • What is considered a good speed for broadband?

    A “good speed” typically depends on the type of usage. For example, if you’re just using the internet on a casual basis just to check your email and other things, you could probably get away with having a broadband speed of around 30mbps. However, if you’re someone that requires a good internet speed for your work, study or for your Netflix binging sessions, then you may want to opt for a plan that will give you speeds of up to 100mbps. Broadband speeds above 100mbps are perfect for those heavy streamers or hardcore gamers that are affected by buffering or slow speeds.

  • Do I need a landline connection with my broadband plan?

    Absolutely not. If you’re finding that your home phone has become a waste and you’ve resorted to only using your mobile phone for all external calls, then by all means you can choose to get a broadband plan without a landline phone! These plans are called naked broadband plans and you’ll generally be paying less for these plans as you won’t have to pay for the additional cost of the active phone line.

  • How do I change broadband providers?

    Found your perfect broadband plan? Excellent! All you need to do is select the plan you want, and we’ll take you to your chosen internet provider’s website where you can fill in all of your details to make the switch.

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