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With over 500,000 customers and 60 stores throughout New Zealand, AMI have been a trusted insurer of Kiwis for more than 90 years. AMI Insurance has been voted as a highly trusted insurance provider for 5 years running now, and are renowned for taking care of their customers.

AMI understand... Learn more

State State

Since humble beginnings back in 1905. State Insurance have gone on to become one of the country’s top general and car insurance providers. They’ve worked hard to develop a thorough understanding of Kiwi drivers’ needs, and today they have over 400,000 customers and 900,000 policies nationwide.

State Insurance are dedicated... Learn more

Protecta Protecta

For over 30 years now, Protecta Insurance has been helping Kiwis to safely protect their investments. New Zealand owned and operated, Protecta have been dedicated to providing New Zealanders with the best value car insurance products, customer service and benefits.

Since 1987, Protecta has specialized in insuring cars, classic... Learn more


When it comes to New Zealand’s most recognised and respected insurance companies, AA Insurance is high up on the list. AA Insurance has worked hard to truly understand what it is that Kiwi drivers need, to ensure that they can offer the right car insurance packages to suit each and... Learn more

Club auto Club Auto

Club Auto Insurance have been around since the late 2000s, and have been providing Kiwis with a range of insurance solutions for cars, motor vehicles and modified vehicles. As a New Zealand owned and operated insurance company, Club Auto are dedicated to helping Kiwis - who many find themselves at... Learn more

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Types of car insurance

1. Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is the most popular type of car insurance in New Zealand as it not only providers cover for the other person’s car but yours too. If you get into an accident, it’s all well and good knowing that you can provide cover for the damage caused to the other person’s car, but your car may also be damaged beyond repair and it may cost a lot of money to replace. Depending on your insurer, your comprehensive car insurance policy may cover extras such as glass repair, towing and breakdown services as well. Typically, comprehensive car insurance is considered the best car insurance in New Zealand, but it also tends to be the most expensive.

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2. Third party car insurance

For that peace of mind knowing that if you were to get into an accident you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars to repair the other car involved, you should consider getting third party car insurance. It’s cheaper than comprehensive car insurance, so if you’re on a lower budget and just looking for the minimal amount of protection, you should aim your attention towards this type of car insurance. Even if you just cause a scratch on someone else’s car, they might demand you pay for a new paint job for which the costs could far exceed what you’d be paying for a basic third party car insurance policy. Opt for cheap car insurance and use our NZ car insurance comparison tool to start comparing third party policies today.

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3. Third party, fire and theft car insurance

Car theft happens. On a daily basis there are people always looking for opportunities to break into a car whether it’s to grab the personal belongings contained in that car or whether it’s to steal the car itself. Third party, fire and theft car insurance policies should be considered by all car owners in New Zealand as no matter what car you own, expensive or cheap, your car will always be at risk of being stolen. This policy also covers for the event where your car is damaged or may have to be written off by a fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The simple answer is no, car insurance is not compulsory. However, before you disregard car insurance altogether, you should know how important car insurance really is, even though you don’t have to have it. Car insurance provides cover for when you get into a crash and either your car is damaged, the other car is damaged or when your car is stolen or set on fire, depending on what type of coverage you have. Thus, why getting car insurance, while not necessary, is a great idea so that you’re covered for any of these things.

Car insurance providers take into account a few things when calculating the cost of the car insurance they’re providing for someone. They consider the type of car the person is driving, their age, past driving history and more, in order to evaluate the risk they’ll be undertaking.

Other people are still able to drive your car regardless of whether you have car insurance in New Zealand or not. However, if their name is not listed on your car insurance policy, that means that your car won’t be covered for any thing that may happen on the road.

Most car insurance policies do not include windscreen damage as part of their normal policies but can usually be added as an additional cover. You will be able to find a few providers that do cover windscreen damage as part of their traditional policies.

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