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Genesis Energy’s mission is to provide great power deals along with excellent customer service. Because of this, they are constantly offering awesome benefits like prompt payment discounts, power shouts and FlyBuys points. When you sign up with Genesis Energy for 24 months, you’ll get $150 of free starting credit on your account!

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Meridian Energy are committed to doing good by their customers and the environment. They generate their power from 100% renewable sources because they truly care about sustainability and in building a better future. When you join Meridian Energy, you’ll also enjoy $200 of free joining credit.

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Through winning various awards such as the Deloitte Energy Awards for electricity retailer of the year and Roy Morgan customer satisfaction awards for both power and gas, Nova Energy have established themselves as one of the best power providers in NZ. Their great reputation has developed from their ability to provide cheap prices on power to serve Kiwis with great value deals.

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Being New Zealand’s fourth largest electricity retailer (based on customer numbers) has given Trustpower the deserved recognition they get for being a great value based power company. They offer plenty of benefits to their customers to help them get their bang for their bank, including their awesome bundles. Not to mention, their power is generated through 100% renewable sources!

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Low prices and guaranteed savings are just the things to reel customers in and Electric Kiwi offers both these things. Because they’re smaller than other power companies, they work smarter by avoiding gimmicks like locked-in rates and prompt payment discounts that distract you from what you’ll actually pay. With no sign up fees, no contracts and a free hour of power each day, you’ll make great savings soon enough.

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With about 562,000 customers nationwide, Contact Energy are renowned for being one of the leading and most respected power companies in New Zealand. They are passionate about providing their customers with great value deals and great service, so that they’re always happy with their power.

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Why compare power plans with CompareBear?

From start to finish

From start to finish, we’ll have you covered. All you need to do to start comparing power deals is to tell us your power needs, and we’ll deliver a tailored collection of power deals that best suit your needs. Whether you’re after the cheapest power companies or the best power companies in NZ, we’ll have a deal that you’ll love. You can research and compare providers in one place. Right here.

Compare power plans in minutes

Compare electricity prices from all around NZ in just minutes. CompareBear makes power comparison effortless as we do all the work for you. Instead of spending hours on the web trying to find the best power deals, use our comparison tool and we’ll gather the best power deals and lay them out so you can compare them easily. You can also compare the best power companies in NZ in no time at all.


At CompareBear, we’re dedicated to finding kiwis all around New Zealand the best power deals at affordable prices, so that you won’t have to break the bank to get a good deal. Not only will you save tonnes of money by switching to a better power deal, but you’ll also save when you use CompareBear, as our tool is 100% free! Found your electricity plan?

Save money with our power comparison

CompareBear makes the process of comparing power deals simple, so that you can start comparing power companies in NZ within minutes. Whether you’re after the cheapest power deals or the best value deals, we’ll lay them out side by side for you so that you can compare them easily.

1 Get your tailored results

We know that it can be a hassle to filter through every single power deal in New Zealand, especially if they don’t meet your requirements. Answer a few questions about your power needs, we’ll deliver tailored power based solutions so that you can get the stuff you need at affordable prices.

2 Find affordable prices

Time to start comparing! You’ll have our tailored power deals all lined up, and leading power companies, there for you to start comparing. You’ll be able to see the power prices in NZ, the star ratings and even the savings you’ll be making by signing up to that specific power deal.

3 Switch to the best deal

Once you’ve picked the power deal that you want, you can sign up to the deal through our website! Simply just click on the deal and then click “sign up now” and we’ll direct you to the power provider’s page from where you can sign up.


  • How do I switch to a different power company?

    Switching to a different power company with CompareBear is easy. All you need to do is find the power plan you’re wanting to switch to, and click the ‘sign up now’ button which will take you to the power company’s page. From there you just need to follow the sign up process and you’ll be good to go.

  • How do I get a free hour of power?

    Unfortunately not every power company offers a free hour of power - and it’s usually only offered with specific power deals in NZ. Electric Kiwi is the most notable power company that offers this perk along with other power companies like Genesis Energy offering ‘power shouts’ every now and then.

  • Which power companies offer renewable power?

    With the climate change crisis going on, more and more customers are turning to renewable power to help care for the environment. There are many power companies now that offer renewable power including Trustpower, Meridian Energy, Mercury and more.

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