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Looking for the cheapest electricity prices in New Zealand? Here at CompareBear, we’re dedicated to helping you find a better deal on your power. We help you easily compare NZ’s best power companies, so that you can find the right provider for your needs.

It’s easy to compare power and gas prices using our online comparison tool, and it’s 100% free for you to use. With just a few details, we’ll show you the latest electricity plans and prices from the leading power companies in the country - including Genesis, Mercury Energy, Contact Energy and more.

We order the power plans according to how much you could be saving off your yearly electricity bill - so you can make an informed decision as to which plan will work best for your home or business.

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Want to find out if you’re paying too much for your power? Our power comparison tool will show you all of the latest electricity plans available from the top power companies in New Zealand. It’s easy to compare power providers and identify your ideal power plan - and even easier to switch and start saving!

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Whether you’re after the cheapest power company or the best power company, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for with CompareBear. You’ll find each of your preferred power providers details and which locations they provide power to below and we’ll put all of their best deals for you in one place so that you can compare them with ease.

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With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find NZ’s cheapest power companies. Here at CompareBear, we’ve made it easy for you to compare power companies all in one place. You don’t have to spend hours searching through the web - we’ve simplified the process, allowing you to find the best fit for your electricity needs within minutes!

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Meridian Energy

Genesis logo

Meridian Energy are a nationwide retailer of electricity across multiple channels to businesses, farms and residential customers through Meridian and their online electricity retailer Powershop.

Meridian Energy are the largest electricity generator in New Zealand and the most significant contributor to the Government's target of 90% renewable generation by 2025. Meridian Energy have developed ten wind farms in Australia and New Zealand, including the world's first wind farm at Ross Island Antarctica. Meridian Energy are also guardians of some of New Zealand's most iconic hydro assets, including Manapouri which is located in a world heritage site.

Meridian Energy are listed on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges and is approximately 51% owned by the New Zealand Government. As of 30 June 2014, We were 85% owned by New Zealanders or New Zealand fund managers. The Meridian Group employs approximately 800 full-time-equivalent employees and we have headquarters in New Zealand and offices in Australia.

Meridian Energy supply electricity nationwide. Whether you are in the cities like Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, & Hawkes Bay. Or in the regions of Taranaki, Manawatu & Wanganui to the south of Nelson & Queenstown. You can be sure to have an excellent service.

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Nova Energy

Genesis logo

Nova keep things straightforward and easy to understand, and their team is based right here in New Zealand. So you can talk to a local person when you need to talk to Nova. These are some of the reasons they've won awards for their service - like the Roy Morgan customer satisfaction award for gas provider of the year 2012 and 2013.

Whether its electricity, natural gas or LPG, you can buy it from Nova. Nova Energy has its own electricity generation capability, and sources natural gas and LPG from Todd Energy. Todd Energy, like Nova Energy, is part of the Todd Corporation, which has been one of New Zealand's leading energy explorers and producers for around 60 years.

Nova supply energy for all kinds of industries and all sizes of firms, from building an on-site co-generation plant for New Zealand's largest dairy company, to being the preferred energy supplier to the Restaurant Association of New Zealand, and providing thousands of small businesses across the country with all their energy needs.

Nova also like to do our bit for the environment - so their electricity comes from a mix of energy types including renewables. Nova are also exploring future electricity generation technologies such as tidal.

At Nova Energy they aim to keep their costs as lean as possible so they can provide you with great value energy.

More than 100,000 Kiwi families and businesses have switched to Nova Energy because they've helped them save on their energy bill. Nova provide a smart mix of energy options to suit your family's needs and they offer great service.

Nova provides electricity and gas dual-fuel options to the following regions: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Wanganui, Kapiti Coast & the Wellington region. They can also provide electricity with bottled gas for the southern regions including Nelson, Christchurch, Central Otago & Dunedin.

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Genesis logo

Trustpower is an electricity generation and electricity retailing company, listed on the New Zealand stock exchange.

Trustpower is New Zealand's fifth largest electricity generator (in terms of MW capacity, GWh output and revenue) and the fourth largest electricity retailer (in customer numbers), serving 260,000 customers throughout New Zealand. The company owns and operates 34 power stations. It generates 100% of its electricity using renewable energy sources, primarily hydro-electric but also wind farms.

Trustpower's current development projects in New Zealand include the Awhitu Wind Farm near Waiuku, the Wairau Hydro Scheme near Blenheim and the Kaiwera Downs Wind Farm in Southland.

Not only do Trustpower provide electricity and gas, they can also supply broadband services to the following regions: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North, Wanganui, Kapiti Coast, Wellington and the rest of New Zealand.

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Pulse Energy

Genesis logo

Pulse Energy is a community owned energy company, supplying electricity, gas, solar and broadband services to households and businesses throughout NZ.

Being independent enables Pulse Energy to purchase the best priced generation on the market and pass the benefits onto their customers. They are able to supply energy across the whole of New Zealand.

As a Pulse Energy customer you will enjoy:

A Low Price Upfront
Pulse Energy's plans are competitively priced. They do not increase their prices so that a prompt payment discount can be given. Instead you will be offered the best price from the start.

No Long Term Contracts
If you need to leave, all you have to do is give 30 days' notice. Otherwise an ETF of $150+GST will apply

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Genesis logo

Powershop sprung to life in 2009, backed by Meridian Energy. Powershop focused on making shopping for electricity easy and enjoyable, and created the tools people need to understand how much power they use, giving them the control to lower their bills. It worked.

Ten years on, Powershop has more than 70,000 residential and business customers and is available almost everywhere, from the Far North to Bluff. They also reckon they’re New Zealand’s most-loved power company, with both a 2018 People’s Choice Award from Consumer NZ, and the Canstar Blue award for Most Satisfied Customers – Electricity Providers.

Powershop has no fixed-term contracts for residential customers. They also offer competitive pricing, regular discounts, flexible payment options, and friendly local service.

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Electric Kiwi

Genesis logo

Electric Kiwi is an independent digital electricity company. As an independent, they are here to give the status quo a shake. Electric Kiwi believe Kiwis should be getting more from their electricity provider, while doing and paying less. When starting out, they saw that electricity options were, in many cases, unnecessarily complex. Multiple discounts, joining specials and one-off deals clouded the real price. And though smart meters were being rolled out across the country, few providers had taken up the challenge to do anything smart with them. Electric Kiwi saw a gap for a company that could maximise smart technology to offer electricity that was cheaper, smarter and easy to manage.

Electric Kiwi - The smaller, smarter power company.
Electric Kiwi use smart technology to bring Kiwis guaranteed savings in their first year and low electricity prices every day.

Why Electric Kiwi?

  • Everyday low prices - Low prices, 365 days per year. Simple.
  • Free Hour of Power - Save even more with exclusive customer deals like a free off peak Hour of Power every day!
  • Guaranteed savings - Save in your first year with everyday low prices. Guaranteed.
  • No contracts. No sign up fees. No break fees. No catches.
  • Awesome online service - A team of friendly online experts are ready to get you sorted quickly.
  • Switching simplified - It only takes 2 minutes to sign up. Now that’s quick.

Terms and conditions: https://www.electrickiwi.co.nz/terms-and-conditions

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Contact Energy

Genesis logo

Contact Energy is one of New Zealand’s leading energy generators and retailers, providing electricity, natural gas and LPG to about 562,000 customers nationwide.
Contact Energy are one of the country's largest listed companies and the only electricity and natural gas supplier that rewards our residential customers with Fly Buys.

Contact Energy is a reliable company you can trust. They keep the lights burning, the hot water running and the BBQ fired up.

Contact's focus is on delivering great value, great products and great service to their customers. They supply electricity and natural gas through the Contact Energy brand and bottled LPG through Contact Rockgas LPG.

Contact Energyâs electricity generation business is focused on meeting New Zealand's energy needs in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Over recent years Contact Energy have been building a more flexible portfolio by introducing new power generation assets. This diversity has enabled them to respond more efficiently to changing electricity market conditions.

Contact provide their energy service nationwide. They cover the following regions: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Wanganui, Kapiti Coast & Wellington. They will also provide delivery of gas bottles to all major areas including Nelson, Christchurch, Central Otago & Dunedin.

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Flick Electric

Genesis logo

Flick Electric Co. offers two electricity plans, a wholesale spot price based plan called Freestyle, where prices vary every half-hour and a fixed generation price plan called FIXIE. The Freestyle spot price plan operates entirely without any fixed-term contracts and doesn't charge joining or early exit fees.

Flick’s FIXIE price plan gives customers more price certainty over their bills by letting them fix the generation price for 6 months at a time. On both plans all charges including generation, network (transmission), Metering fees and EA Levy are passed on to customers at cost, with no markups.

Our goal is lofty - to help bring an end to energy poverty in Aotearoa. Too many Kiwis ( 20% according to MBIE) are subject to energy choices that impact on their wellbeing. Like choosing between food on the table and adequately heating their home. And that plain ain't right.

But there's a way to reduce power bills without cutting back on the power that keeps Kiwi homes safe and comfortable. Six Wellingtonians launched a tech-based power company in 2014 to disrupt the status quo, by offering a fair and transparent way to purchase power through the wholesale electricity market. From those humble beginnings, the Flick family has grown in size, but our core values remain the same. We're built on the bones of fairness, honesty and transparency. And that's something we're flickin' proud of.

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Mercury Energy

Genesis logo

If you are looking for a different kind of New Zealand power company, you may want to check out Mercury Energy. At Mercury, they believe in good energy - the power of people helping people.

Mercury Energy are proud to be part of Mighty River Power - a major competitor in the New Zealand electricity market (Mighty River was named Energy Company of the year in 2010). More than 90% of the power Mighty River generates is renewable, from low fuel-cost hydro and geothermal sources.

Mercury's core business is power - the kind that flows into your home or office. Giving you a choice in how you purchase power is important to them, which is why they offer different products and plans to suit your needs.

Mercury Energy believe in good energy - the power of people helping people. Whether it is making sure their customers get top service, doing good in the community, or simply sharing stories of the good energy in the world around us - they are proud of what they do.

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Genesis logo

energyclubnz is on a crusade, to deliver customers low electricity prices and a great experience. We provide Electricity at cost for a small weekly club fee, it’s that simple!

Launched to give kiwis a fair deal, we are proud to be a trusted Stuff business, who house other Kiwi brands like stuff.co.nz, Stuff Fibre and Neighbourly. You can rely on the club to do right by you, even if you choose not to join us.

Our customers enjoy NO fixed term contracts, NO break fees and NO hidden surprises, just great customer service, low prices and zero risk. So they can sit back and relax, instead of worrying about high electricity bills.

We aim to help you manage your home energy! Our weekly billing and easy app is helping our club members track their usage and break it down, to see where they can make changes and save.

energyclubnz is rolling out across the country, searching for club members in neighborhoods near you. We service Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Wellington and will be spreading across other areas over the next few months.

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Genesis logo

Globug help you stay on top of your payments by letting you pay for your electricity as you go. They’re a retail brand that focus on making electricity more affordable and easier to manage through the prepaid payment system. The prepaid payment system allows you to top up  through the Globug app, through your account on Globug’s website using your debit or credit card, or through authorised retailers around New Zealand.

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Frank Energy

Genesis logo

Frank Energy did all the thinking for you and came up with ways to deliver amazing energy solutions. They have great electricity and gas prices. Also they don’t tie you up in contracts.

Additionally, they are an award winning power company, which is pretty cool. They have won the Roy Morgan customer satisfaction award for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The best part is that you can sign up with Energy Online in only 5 minutes. Not bad, eh?

Some of the Energy Online benefits

  • Great everyday prices – no sign-up hooks or gimmicks
  • No Contract or exit fees
  • Simple plans and flexible payment options
  • Power, gas and bottled LPG
  • Mobile app to monitor your bills and usage

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