Who Are CompareBear? We’re New Zealand’s Newest Packages & Bundles Comparison Website

Kia ora! Welcome to CompareBear. We’re New Zealand’s newest comparison site, keen to provide you with only the best deals, packages and compare plans available.


Get online & use our free tools to save money (or spend the saving elsewhere!) and get a better deal (with increased freedom and flexibility from the services you use or get more for a better price).


At CompareBear we provide accurate, unbiased current comparison prices and packages. We’re 100% independent, with a local team to access all the best plans and deals from New Zealand’s broadband providers and suppliers.


By comparing and contrasting their best deals; you, your friends and your family can get the right products or services at the right price, in as little time as possible.

All of our comparison services tools and resources are free to use. So there’s no extra costs or fees, and you can use them as many times as you need. If you’re on a fixed term contract, you can also subscribe to get email alerts for upcoming deals and automated email reminders; you’ll never forget a payment again.

We’re continually talking to suppliers and providers to get you the best deals, so don’t forget to stop by again if you’re ready to look elsewhere when your fixed contract ends.

So how Does CompareBear Make Any Money?


If we don’t charge you anything to find the best deals how does the website make any money?

All of the suppliers, partners and providers pay us a (small) conversion fee when you select them on our website and sign up for their deal.
These success payments enable us to maintain the comparison service and consistently discover new ways to help you saving time and money, while also ensuring we continue to grow as a business. Because the conversion fee we charge is smaller than the costs that broadband or power companies typically incur through TV advertising, social media or other channels, it has been a wide-ranging success with our clients.

CompareBear – A Little Bit Of History

Although we’re New Zealand based, it all began in New Zealand where our neighbours had begun to get frustrated that it wasn’t as easy or simple as it could be to find the best deals quickly.


So Michael & Denis, two local blokes, decided that making decisions shouldn’t be so hard and launched a Kiwi service to solve that. Firstly for broadband comparison and then they included they included all of the power suppliers.


CompareBear is on a mission of saving our New Zealand customers time and money. And while we are trying to achieve our mission we also aim to provide the best service possible. We want to find you the best deal as quickly and smoothly as possible.


By comparing and contrasting their best deals; you, your friends and your family can get the right products or services at the right price, in as little time as possible.

How can we do that?

We will ask you a few questions on the website and will filter the results we show to you. Why? So you can easily compare and find the internet supplier, package or bundle that’s right for you.

CompareBear - We’re Here To Help

If you need a helping hand, each of our comparison services has a comprehensive help section to answer any questions you have about switching or applying for a package, product deal or bundle, and the CompareBear customer service team are happy to help you out!