What Is MyMSD NZ? Here's All You Need To Know

Date May 14, 2021
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All you need to know about MSD in New Zealand:

Whether you’re looking for work or are in need of financial assistance, the Ministry of Social Development or MSD in New Zealand is here to help you out. 

MSD through MyMSD is a government initiative where Kiwis can apply for financial aid for the following:

  • Employment
  • Income support
  • Funding to community service providers
  • Social policy and advice to the government
  • Student allowance and loans, and 
  • Social housing assistance

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Some of you might already be under the assistance of Work and Income NZ or WINZ for school, graduate studies, clothing allowance, and other of your living expenses. MSD also provides these services through numerous business groups and agencies, including WINZ. 


How to apply for MSD benefits?

First, you need to register for MyMSD using your mobile number or email address. Once you’re verified, MyMSD login should allow you to manage your profile, check payments and make changes regarding your information. You will also receive a 9-digit client number, which is your reference code every time you need to re-apply, renew, or access your account in my.msd.govt.nz

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Here are the following benefits you can get when you’re registered with MyMSD:

Jobseeker Support

With the help of MSD, you can still support dependents even if you’re out of work, looking for a job, or in part-time employment. You can apply for MSD benefits through WINZ provided that you meet certain requirements:

  • You have a health condition or disability affecting your ability to work. 
  • You reduced your working hours or decided to stop for a while. 
  • Over 18 years of age.
  • You’re an NZ citizen or permanent resident who has lived for at least 2 years in the country. 

When you’re application has been approved, you can get a weekly payment which amount will be based on your circumstances and the amount of your partner’s salary if any. 

Solo Parent Support

There’s another way to support your children’s schooling, allowance, and pay for home expenses through WINZ while looking for work at the same time. You can apply for this type of benefit when you meet these requirements:

You’re at least 20 years old.

  • A single parent with one or more children under 14 years old.
  • You’re not in a relationship (single).
  • You don’t have enough financial resources from family members.
  • You’re an NZ citizen or permanent resident who has lived for at least 2 years in the country. 

Supported Living Payment

In some cases, you might not have enough financial resources to support your medications or care for someone with a severe health condition. By applying through WINZ, you can get weekly payments to aid you with your medical expenses. You can be approved for this benefit when you are:

  • Permanently and severely restricted to work for more than 2 years due to a health problem, injury or disability
    • Have a life expectancy of less than 2 years and can’t regularly work more than 15 hours weekly in open employment.
  • You’re totally blind.
  • Caring for someone at home (whether it’s your child, a family member or someone from your community) who would otherwise need hospital care or a special facility.
  • You’re an NZ citizen or permanent resident who has lived for at least 2 years in the country. 

Young Parent Payment 

Those who are not qualified to get a Solo Parent Payment from WINZ can get weekly compensation by applying for a Young Parent Payment. You should be at least 16 to 19 years old and meet the following:

  • You have a child or children with you
  • You’re an NZ citizen or permanent resident who has lived for at least 2 years in the country. 
  • You’re available for full-time education, training towards an NCEA level 2 qualification or higher qualification.
  • You’re in a teen parent unit if you have a one-year-old.
  • You’re working with a Youth Service provider for managing your money.
  • You attend a budgeting course.
  • You attend a parenting course.
  • You enrol your children at a medical centre with a qualified doctor.
  • You register your children under 5 years old with a WellChild service.
  • You have your children attend Early Childhood Education or other known or suitable childcare while you’re in training. 

For instances where you’re in a de facto relationship at 16 or 17 years old, you need to acquire consent from a Family Court judge for you to be approved for Young Parent Payment. 


Emergency Benefit

For those who are not qualified for any of the benefits enumerated, they can apply for an emergency benefit through MyMSD and talk to one of their agents. This may include single parents supporting children who have disabilities, illness and other sicknesses.

All of these benefits should be renewed yearly through MyMSD in order to determine whether you’re given the right support for your current circumstances. 

Other benefits include:

  • Disability assistance for those who are caring for children with serious disabilities.
  • Hardship assistance which includes funeral grants, live organ donor assistance, civil defence payments, temporary additional support, temporary accommodation assistance and special needs grants. 
  • Special Circumstances Assistance for Kiwis who are victims of domestic violence and witness protection cases.
  • Recoverable Assistance for people who are in need of specific items or services such as washing machine and fridge. 
  • Work Assistance for beneficiaries, those receiving low-income, students and former beneficiaries to assist them to obtain and maintain employment. 
  • Winter Energy Payment
  • Best Start Tax Credit for families who are supporting their children’s early years. 
  • Working for Families Tax Credit for families with dependent children (18 years or under).
  • Retirement benefits which include NZ Superannuation and Veteran’s pension. 
  • Accommodation Costs for boarders, renters, and homeowners with limited income and assets to meet their accommodation fees. 
  • Student Financial Support through StudyLink including allowances, loans and scholarship and awards to tertiary students and teachers. 

You can find other inclusions in MSD’s Statement of Intent 2018-2022

In addition to these benefits, you can also apply for food grants through MyMSD if you’re a solo parent, disabled, sick, elderly or currently out of work. You can also use your Green Card to purchase food. Here's how:


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