Compare: The Most Popular Dishwashers In NZ

Date Apr 7, 2021
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Let's get down to it! What are the best dishwashers in NZ?

Dishwashers are a good investment as you can be more efficient in your household chores. While there are lots of options to choose from, it's important to get one with the right features and style to suit your needs.

Before giving you our list of the top dishwashers in NZ, here are some factors you might want to consider:

  • Quality of cleaning

Pick one that thoroughly cleans your plates and other kitchen utensils. There should be no grease and residues left after wash. Don't forget to check the machine's drying feature as well.

  • Capacity

How many are you in your household? How often do you eat at home? How often do you wash the dishes? These are just some questions to consider before buying a dishwasher. Get one that can clean all your dishes in one go. Otherwise, you'll be wasting more water and energy.

  • Efficiency

Learn about the product's efficiency through its water and energy rating label. A higher rating means better performance. You may ask for assistance if you don't know where to find it or how it works. Some of the latest dishwasher models have an auto-wash feature that can sense the type and number of dishes inside, and adjust its power usage for effective cleaning.

  • Other features

What do you want your dishwasher to do? Check the program options and features, cycle time, auto-sensing feature, and display feature. Other things to consider are its style, noise, and easy-to-use filter.

  • Ease of use

Getting a dishwasher loses its purpose if you don't know how to operate it. The idea is for the machine to save you time and make your life easier, not complicate it. Make sure to ask questions such as its key features and, if possible, always request a demo on how to use it.


Here's an overview of some of the most popular dishwashers in NZ:

Model Best features
Bosch Dishwasher - SHXM63W55N 300 Low Noise Levels, 24/7 Aqua Stop, RackMatic, 3 rack system, Speed 60, ExtraDry Boosts
Westinghouse Dishwasher - WSF6606 Series Water Safety System, Super Fast 30-Minute Program, Time Remaining Display, FlexZone Wash, Quiet Operation, Active Dry
Miele G4998VI Perfect GlassCare, Double WaterProof System, SaniWash, Express Wash, Delay Start, Ergonomic Basket Handles
Smeg DWA6314X Freestanding Dishwasher 14-place-setting capacity, Orbital Wash Arm, Quick Wash, Flexizone
Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer (DD24DAX9N) Flexible racking, Independent Wash, True Half Load, Sanitize Option
Haier Smart Top Control with Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher with Sanitize Cycle WiFi powered by SmartHQ™, Status Bar, Nightlight, Wash Zones, Extra Dry, 3-Level Wash

Ready to purchase a dishwasher or upgrade to a better one? Here are some popular dishwashers in NZ from leading brands.

Bosch Dishwasher - SHXM63W55N 300

Bosch is one of the leading brands on the market when it comes to dishwashers. If you want a model with the best features without breaking your wallet, get one from the Bosch Dishwasher 300 Series.

Key features:

  • Low Noise Levels

It's important to consider a dishwasher that doesn't keep you and everyone else in your household up at night or prevent you from doing other tasks without the annoying sound. The Bosch 300 Series is one of the quietest options, with a range whisper between 44 and 46 dBA. 

  • 24/7 Aqua Stop

You won't have to deal with annoying leaks with this 4-part leak prevention system. It uses sensors to detect and stop leaks at any point in the cycle, and can even operate by itself!

  • RackMatic

One of the most important features you will find in the Bosch 300 Series. This means it has three fully adjustable height levels and up to 9 possible rack positions to accommodate your needs.

  • 3 rack system

Most common and cheap dishwashers only have two racks, but Bosch models have 3. This means you get to accommodate other utensils or separate items such as silverware to free up more space.

  • Speed 60

This feature allows you to get a wash done on a 60-minute cycle. A handy option if you have other important tasks to do.

  • ExtraDry Boosts

Get your dishes dried faster! This feature boosts the temperature during the drying cycle.

Common issues:

  • Drying performance


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Westinghouse Dishwasher - WSF6606 Series

Westinghouse dishwashers are known for its quality and innovation. This model is packed with features, including a 13-15 place setting capacity, and is complemented by a wide range of functions to make your kitchen life easier.

Key features:

  • Water Safety System

Avoid flooding and protect your floors from leaks with a leak prevention system that automatically cuts off the water supply to the dishwasher.

  • Super Fast 30-Minute Program

The 30-minute program is ideal for cleaning in a rush. Together with the active drying feature and sanitizing option, you get to have your dishes cleaned in less than an hour.

  • Time Remaining Display

The time display allows you to see how long the dishwasher cycle will take and the remaining time for the cycle to finish.

  • FlexZone Wash

Every load of dishes is not the same. This option saves you water and energy whenever you don't have a lot of dishes to wash.

  • Quiet Operation

Do other tasks or wait for your dishes to get cleaned in peace with a 45dB of noise.

  • Active Dry

Common issues:

  • While many appreciated the large loading capacity, adjustable shelves, and easy-to-use control panel of Westinghouse dishwashers, some reviewers found that they encountered f5 errors or their dishwasher broke down after a short time.


Miele G4998VI

Part of the Classic Plus Series, this Miele dishwasher has five wash programs to meet your demands.

Key features:

  • Perfect GlassCare

This technology lessens the aggressive effect of cleaning on fragile items such as glass to preserve their quality and avoid breaking them.

  • Double WaterProof System

Avoid flooding in your kitchen with a system that automatically shuts off the water supply when it detects a leak or blockage in your dishwasher

  • SaniWash

It's a high-temperature program that gives your utensils and items deeper cleaning.

  • Express Wash

This short program cleans mixed loads in as quick as 30 minutes.

  • Delay Start

This feature allows programs to be pre-selected for up to 24 hours in advance.

  • Ergonomic Basket Handles

Handles are made of quality materials to make loading and unloading of the dishes easier.

Common issues:

  • Difficult to operate for some
  • Doesn't clean as thoroughly as expected

miele dishwasher_common issues.PNG


Smeg DWA6314X Freestanding Dishwasher

If you want the best of everything, consider this Smeg dishwasher with premium design and features, including numerous programs to choose from.

Key features:

  • 14-place-setting capacity

With a 14-place-setting capacity, you can wash lots of dishes in just one go, a perfect option if you like to cook or into large gatherings.

  • Orbital Wash Arm

This feature gives you the assurance that your dishes get complete coverage and are well-cleaned after each cycle.

  • Quick Wash

This feature allows you to change the setting of your dishwasher to a 27-minute cycle. A great use, especially if you live in a busy home or have a hectic schedule.

  • Flexizone

This feature is perfect for when you don't have that many dishes to wash as it saves you water and energy.

Common issues:

  • LED panel and buttons not working


Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer (DD24DAX9N)

Fisher & Paykel offers both traditional dishwashers and the "DishDrawer" range to match your preference and accommodate your kitchen. The brands take pride in their user-friendly models with amazing features, including some with a wireless remote. This Fisher & Paykel dishwasher has 14 place settings and 6 wash programs to help you with your dishes.

Key features:

  • Flexible racking

It allows you to customize the internal shelves based on your needs.

  • Independent Wash

Clean more dishes! You can use both drawers independently and select different wash programs.

  • True Half Load

You can use this feature on both drawers for small washes and quick cycles.

  • Sanitize Option

This option provides extra care and protection to your dishes and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Common issues:

  • F1 error


Haier Smart Top Control with Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher with Sanitize Cycle

Haier dishwashers are packed with unique and useful features to make things easier for you in the kitchen. Their models are WiFi-enabled and have smart controls, so you set cycles and check its status wherever you are.

Key features:

  • WiFi powered by SmartHQ™

Conveniently watch and monitor your cycle status, track detergent pod usage, and more through the SmartHQ app on your mobile device!

  • Status Bar

Know how your dishwasher is doing by simply looking at the status bar. A blue bar means it's running, while a white bar means it's done cleaning your dishes.

  • Nightlight

It has a built-in nightlight that you can use to set the perfect mood for some late-night snacking.

  • Wash Zones

No need to wait for a full load to run your dishwasher. A convenient option to have, especially if you only have a few dishes to wash.

  • Extra Dry

Avoid drying your dishes twice with this option. With the Extra Dry feature, your dishes are ready to use right after the cycle.

  • 3-Level Wash

Your dishes are guaranteed clean with a three-level wash feature that has strong wash arms.

Common issues:

  • Dispenser door not working properly


There are plenty of online shops available to check more dishwashers and buy one, such as Harvey Norman dishwashers and Noel Leeming dishwashers. You can also check products from Mitre 10 and Parmco for some quality options and dishwasher sale!

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