Best Tyre Shops In Auckland

Date Aug 6, 2021
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By Staff Writer

Ever felt like your car doesn’t drive as well as it used to? Your tyres may be causing the issue. As an important component of your vehicle, your tyres could be the main factor in determining whether you experience a smooth trip or a difficult one.

Proper tyre maintenance is key to getting the most out of your vehicle but sometimes, fixing up an old tyre may no longer be worth it. Knowing when to replace tyres is an equally important part of long-term vehicle maintenance.


You need to replace your tyres if:

Your tyres are punctured

While modern tyres are surprisingly robust and durable, there’s still certain hazards and obstacles that can really push them to their limits. While punctures can be repaired depending on the assessment of your tyre specialist, you may want to consider replacing your tyres in case of a severe puncture. Otherwise, you may encounter even more problems due to compromised safety and handling.

Your tyre treads are worn down

When your tyre treads are worn down, you lose a bit of friction with the road, increasing the risk of a slip occurring, especially on wet roads. You need to check these regularly. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to do so.

All you need is a penny. Simply place the penny along the grooves and if the design sticks out, then your treads may already be on their last legs. You may also start seeing wear bars when you only have around 1.5mm of tread left — the absolute minimum required for a car to pass tests such as a WOF.

Important Note:

You also need to keep a lookout for unusual wear and tear. For example, just the edges or the centre gets bald first or perhaps, the tyre wears out in patches across the wheel. This could be an indicator of long periods of driving with improper tyre pressure or worse, a more difficult problem such as bad wheel balance or even suspension problems. If this is the case, you will really need to get a mechanic to take a proper look at your vehicle as you get your tyres replaced.

Your tyres are old

As a general rule, most manufacturers suggest replacing your tyres every six years. You can sometimes find other manufacturers who suggest replacing your tyres once every ten years but ultimately, there’s no hard and fast guideline. How often you should replace your tyres will depend on your usage. You could end up with tyres that are still okay even if they’re a bit older, and you might even find tyres that are already worn down even when they’ve only been used for a few years. 

Your tyres don’t match your vehicle

Sometimes, it’s a little too easy to overlook certain details about our vehicles. For example, we may have received the vehicle with a matching set of tyres, but have replaced some over time. Or perhaps we fail to change seasonal tyres in time, such as driving with both a summer tyre or a winter tyre at the front. In this case, you may want to get your tyres checked and replaced to suit the current climate.

Will a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alert me when my tyres need replacing?

Unfortunately, no. The purpose of the TPMS is to alert you when your tyre pressure falls below a certain limit which could induce unsafe driving conditions. Any indicator it may give off has to do with just the tyre pressure and whether it’s underinflated or leaking. It’s not a substitute for regular maintenance.

How much to replace a tyre in NZ?

Replacing your car’s tyres depends on the size, brand, warranties, fittings, and any ongoing promotions or specials your nearby shop is holding. Generally, individual tyres for most cars cost around $75-$200, depending on the make of the vehicle. High-end brands will obviously cost more than middle-market brands. Tyre brands like Michelin will be much more expensive than Goodyear or Dunlop.

Another thing to factor into the costs of tyre replacements is the fitting. Usually, you might be able to get the costs of fitting included in the quote for your tyres. In case it doesn’t, you can usually expect to pay around $25 to $40 per tyre.

Choosing the right tyre for my vehicle

Getting the right tyre for your specific vehicle type is essential to securing a smooth ride. You might want to look past the brand and pay close attention to these four main factors before buying your new tyres.

Weather and Climate - With weather playing a crucial part in your tyre’s wear and tear, you need to get a set that works best for your specific climate. For example, Auckland experiences a lot of rainfall so it’s better to settle for tyres with a good grip on wet road surfaces.

Type of Vehicle - Tyres used by sedans or van are different from an SUV, for example. Of course, you need to get tyres that match your specific vehicle type.

Your Driving Habits - Your tyre needs to match your needs and your own driving style. Ask yourself: Do you cruise a lot? Do you often drive on difficult surfaces? Depending on your needs, it may be more economical to go with specialized tyres for your car rather than constantly replacing them as they accumulate wear faster.

Budget - Always remember the old adage, ‘You get what you pay for’. As tempting as it is to stick to a budget all the time, do note that your tyres play a very important role in mobility and in keeping your car connected to the road. It might be better to choose a reputable and trusted manufacturer rather than settling for an untested brand, even if it’s cheaper.


Best places to buy tyres and tyre replacements in Auckland

Tony’s Tyre Service Ltd

Specialising in wheel alignments, wheel balancing, tyre rotations, and nitrogen tyre inflations, Tony’s recently expanded their services to include full auto-servicing plans at selected Auckland locations. This now makes it one of the best places to get parts and tyre-related services in the city.

They include free puncture repairs as well as a free battery check provided you show up with a Tony’s Tyre Service free puncture sticker. They also have a lowest-price guarantee, claiming to beat lower cash prices by around $10 a tyre on a similar quality product.

You may also avail of Warrant of Fitness (WOF) which are available at selected stores. Contact them at 0800 286 697 or visit their website here.

Haslips Tyres

Proud to be Auckland’s oldest independent tyre company, Haslips pride themselves on their customer service, offering top-notch, personalised help to their clients while offering high quality tyres at affordable prices.

In addition to their tyres, Haslips also offer battery and suspension-related services while also offering special deals per month, allowing them to maintain a competitive price point and services with other providers. They can also help you with your WOF needs, thanks to their professional mechanics.

Get in touch with the friendly team at Haslips Tyres by calling 027 479 1709 or visit their website here.

Bush Road Tyres

Bush Road Tyres are best known as the Albany and North Shore Tyre and Wheel alignment specialists. You can easily reach them for all your tyre-fitting, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, puncture repairs, and tyre rotation needs. In addition to this, they also offer Nitro Tyre Fills and Battery Replacements for your car.

The Bush Road team had developed a solid reputation for their excellent service, specialising primarily in European vehicles though their team also has extensive experience for any make or model of vehicle. 

You can get in touch with Bush Road Tyres at 09 415 2313 while you can visit their website here.


Having serviced cars, vans, utes, trucks, trainers, cranes, mobile homes, and even bus fleets since 1987, AutoTreads have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that allow them to deliver the best service for tyres and vehicles all over Auckland.

AutoTreads provides complete mechanical servicing alongside their comprehensive tyre service. They can do this either onsite or at your place as well. Their technicians and mechanics are well-versed in servicing a wide range of vehicles and ensuring that they all pass the WOF’s standards, helping their owners save on fuel, tyre wear, and additional maintenance costs in the process.

You can visit AutoTreads here or call them at 09 274 9588.

Hyper Drive NZ

As one of NZ’s leading tyre retailers, Hyper Drive offers the largest network of installers, with over 250 located around the country. Their refined process makes buying the right tyres for the right car as easy and convenient as possible.

Their prices are very competitive, offering big discounts on both the bigger brands or more budget-oriented tyres equally. Their tyres offer 5 years manufacturing guarantees. They may also look for specific tyres you need when you give them a call. This level of service allows them to supply and fit tyres for thousands of customers.

Shop online on their website here or give them a call at 0800 449 737 to see your tyre options.

Take good care of your tyres!

While it may seem expensive to replace these tyres when it’s time to do so, it’s going to be even more expensive to replace your tyres once other problems start piling up, and you discover that your car insurance may not always cover them all.

Take the proper steps such as checking your tread depth, rotating your tyres around during routine maintenance and of course, have the maintenance team check your car’s balance, and ask for wheel alignment if possible. Most importantly, drive safe and be wary of your surroundings out on the open road. Follow these and you should be able to get the most value out of your vehicle.