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2degrees have been known to provide Kiwis with cost-saving deals for all their broadband and mobile  plan needs. They officially started in 2009, but their story goes further back...

In the 90s, a group of Maori visionaries used the Treaty of Waitangi to challenge the auction of 3G rights. This was a bold move, as it directly challenged the New Zealand government… but luckily, they managed to win! Since then, 2degrees NZ are steadily growing in business and reputation to help Kiwis save money.

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You can sign up to a 2degrees broadband plan at CompareBear today! See the 2degrees internet plans that made them the fourth largest internet service provider in the country.

Why signup with 2degrees?

Are you the type to go big with your plan extras and add-ons? Then, 2degrees is the perfect provider for you! Aside from all the extras they offer, you can also save with their bundle options.

Some 2degrees internet plans come with a free year of amazon prime video membership and $200 account credit when you sign up for a 12-month contract. If you purchase a broadband plan and a mobile plan with 2degrees, you’ll save $10 per month! They also have a different range of plans to suit every type of customer in NZ.

Is 2degrees the best provider for you?

If you’re looking for a reliable network with wide coverage, 2degrees are the provider for you. They cover almost 97% of New Zealand, but without compromising on the quality of their services.

2degrees NZ do this by building the infrastructure themselves! So if you live rurally, you can connect to their reliable 4G connection. If you live in an urban area, you can purchase their Ultimate Unlimited plan for an unlimited, lagless experience.

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Unlimited broadband plans

Don’t deal with data caps; get rid of them altogether! 2degrees NZ offer unlimited broadband plans including fibre, ADSL, VDSL and satellite connections. If you purchased their high-end Ultimate Unlimited plan, you can get top speeds of 900Mbps download and 400Mbps upload!

Fibre broadband plans

It’s no surprise coming from a provider as big as 2degrees that they have some of the fastest broadband plans in New Zealand. 2degrees internet plans might vary in availability, depending on your location, but if your area has fibre services, it’s your best bet – it’s heaps faster!

Naked broadband plans

2degrees NZ know that not everyone needs a landline in this modern age. This is why you can opt it out easily with their naked broadband plans! Plus, it also comes without the fancy extras that you likely won’t need or use (unless you want it).

Landline broadband plans

If you still need to use a landline from time to time, you can get it easily with 2degrees NZ. For an additional $15, you can have unlimited calling to NZ and AU phone numbers (terms apply). It also comes with unlimited local calling, caller ID, and voicemail capabilities.

2degrees FAQ

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Generally, 2degrees internet plans range from $65 to $100, but occasionally they offer exclusive deals and discounts for new customer sign ups. This is only for broadband, which means that you have to pay with extras that you decide to choose.

Absolutely! Upon signing up for a 12-month contract with 2degrees NZ, they won’t charge you for any setup or connection fees.

2degrees are committed to providing only the fastest broadband plans, which is why they introduced the Ultimate Unlimited plan. Top speeds with this plan can reach up to 900Mbps download and 400Mbps upload.

They not only offer additional benefits, but additional savings too!  If you sign up to a 12-month contract, you can get $200 account credit and one year of free Amazon Prime video! They also give you the option to save $10 per month if you purchase your broadband and mobile plans together.