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Bigpipe offers one of the simplest broadband services in New Zealand. When you purchase any of their plans, you’ll get nothing but fast, unlimited, naked, and cheap broadband options, including ADSL, VDSL, and ultra-fast fibre broadband.

At Bigpipe NZ, they won't try to sell you add-ons that you don't want or need. Just simple internet with no data caps, no throttling and no contracts – it’s internet the way it should be!

You can easily sign up to a Bigpipe broadband plan at CompareBear! Compare them with the best internet providers in NZ to find the cheapest plans available in your area.

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Why signup with Bigpipe?

One word: straightforward! If you want a broadband plan with no frills and no fuss, Bigpipe NZ is the perfect provider for you.

As one of the smaller internet providers in New Zealand, Bigpipe focuses on providing their customers with a personalised experience, no matter what type of connection they may need. Bigpipe make it simple to go online, especially for families who recently moved into their new home.

Is Bigpipe the best provider for you?

Are you tired of complicated broadband plans? Bigpipe NZ might just be the right provider for you! They are recommended for Kiwis who just want to be connected to the internet  – no more, no less.

To encourage you to get on board, Bigpipe won’t charge you for the first three months when you sign up to a 12-month contract. With a dedicated customer service team, practical perks and phenomenal offerings, your broadband experience is guaranteed to be quick and easy with Bigpipe.

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Fibre broadband plans

Bigpipe NZ offers one of the fastest ultra-fast broadband in New Zealand. Although it may only be available in selected areas for now, the government is continuing to roll out more infrastructures across the country, to make fibre accessible to more people.

Unlimited broadband plans

Whether your plan is ADSL, VDSL or fibre, you can have the option to make it unlimited with Bigpipe. They have the simplest and most honest unlimited broadband plans in NZ, with no hidden data caps. This is ideal for homes with lots of people in it who are online regularly.

Naked broadband plans

Bigpipe internet plans won’t provide you with a service that you don’t need - that’s why you can easily purchase naked broadband plans. Bigpipe NZ are committed to giving Kiwis only the most simplified naked broadband solutions.

No-contract broadband plans

Broadband doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, that’s why Bigpipe offers one of the most flexible no-contract options. Unlike some of their competitors, they want to give their customers freedom to choose a plan and provider that fits them best.

Bigpipe FAQ

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Bigpipe internet plans start at $79. Compare this price to other providers, and it’s definitely on the cheaper offerings in New Zealand!

Definitely, anything from ADSL to fibre, you can purchase with Bigpipe NZ.

Unfortunately no - all Bigpipe internet plans come naked, and don’t have the option for a home landline.

Bigpipe NZ offers a free installation and router with a 12-month plan commitment. If you’re lucky, you might come across their free first three months promotion!