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Business broadband supports several simultaneous connections working in the team. Many broadband providers in NZ are starting to offer internet packages dedicated to all types of businesses that need fast and reliable connection.

Normally, business broadband deals are more comprehensive compared to home broadband plans. Considering its faster speeds, expect a more secured and uninterrupted connection even with multiple connected devices. 

With an increasing demand for seamless connectivity for business setup, local ISPs are now offering 4G business internet with higher bandwidth, faster response times, and improved network capacity. 

If you’re interested in switching to business broadband, compare deals using our comparison tool and find the best business broadband provider in New Zealand.

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Types of broadband used by NZ businesses


Fibre is among the fastest connection types used by businesses in the country. It’s made out of fibre optic cables capable of delivering faster speeds than the traditional copper lines Switching to fibre increases employee productivity and overall performance of your business.


Cable broadband is a mix of copper and fibre cables, available only in Wellington, Christchurch and Kapiti Coast. It’s not subject to disruption caused by the weather, so signals remain consistent at all times.


VDSL connection uses old copper telephone lines, available in most establishments in NZ. While the country is leaning towards fibre broadband, there are places that still use VDSL to access the internet. This is a good alternative where fibre is not yet available in your area.


Wireless internet uses radio waves through an antenna installed on your property. This is a good option for businesses located in most rural areas of NZ.


ADSL uses copper telephone lines in most houses and buildings with coverage longer but slower than VDSL. You can’t choose your connection but you get the maximum speed that the equipment can handle.

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It depends on the number of users in your workplace but 100-500Mbps is generally fast enough.

Upgrading to fibre broadband is best for medium to large businesses with more than 20 employees. With fibre, you can connect seamlessly to the internet without worrying about signal issues.

Investing in fibre can bring plenty of benefits especially for small or micro businesses. You can also go with a VDSL connection if fibre broadband is not available in your area, as the second best option.

You can choose among NZ’s biggest internet providers that offer business broadband at higher speeds like Spark, Vodafone, MyRepublic, Wanna Internet and more.