Cheap WiFi Deals NZ

WiFi is simple and convenient, especially when you’re at home with multiple users who share a single network. Unlike wired connections, it depends on signals to connect you to the internet. However, there are times when these signals can be interrupted and bring a slower connection. NZ broadband providers offer cheap wifi deals to give Kiwis the best internet experience. 

You can find several cheap home wifi with the help of our comparison tool. With just a few clicks, you can select a broadband plan according to your preferences.

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Why get a wifi deal in New Zealand?

Wide internet coverage at home

You get better internet speed and better coverage throughout your property. By purchasing the right wifi deal, you can experience excellent speeds for streaming and gaming.

Save money with wifi bundles

Local broadband providers offer different bundles to accommodate all types of users. They provide a free modem, wifi mesh and other broadband equipment when you purchase a plan on a 12-month term. You can also get the chance to snag discounted plans on certain occasions when you compare prices here at CompareBear.

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Wifi or wireless fidelity distributes signals using radio frequencies between devices such as phones, PCs, laptops, desktops, tablets and even printers.

Wifi speeds vary based on how fast your internet speeds are. If the maximum speeds only reach up to 10Mbps or lower, you can only get speeds between 6 to 9Mbps with wifi. It’s advisable that you get the latest modem model in the market to have a better distribution of signals throughout your home.

Similar to other devices, routers tend to go faulty after some time. When you’ve been using the same router for over 6 to 10 years, it’s best to get a new one so you can prevent lagging with your wireless connection. If you subscribe to a new broadband plan, you can get a router along with your broadband.

You’ll need a wireless router to have your own wifi network. There are plenty of NZ broadband providers that offer you a wireless router, which you can all compare using our easy-to-use comparison tool.