IP Address Checker NZ

Your IP address is a unique combination of numbers of your computer. 

“IP” stands for “Internet Protocol” while “address” refers to the numbers given by your internet service provider to your PC or any connected device like a laptop, tablet or phone. It may not be as interesting as you think, but learning about your IP address can be very helpful in understanding your security and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my IP address?

Your IP address is not permanent. It can change at any time, especially if you connect to the WiFi of your favourite coffee shop or establishment. Even at home, your IP address can change whenever you turn your router on and off.

How can I check my IP address?

You can check your IP address or domain using an IP Address Checker.  If the address matches the IP assigned to you by your ISP, you have a public IP address.

What’s the difference between private and public IP addresses?

Based on accessibility, IP addresses are divided into two main categories: private and public IP addresses. Private IP addresses are internal IP addresses that cannot be used to access the internet directly. It's used within your local area network (LAN). They’re not recognized over the internet and are only assigned by a LAN administrator. For direct access to your local device using an assigned private IP, a Network Address Translator (NAT) should be used.