Contact Energy Broadband Plans 

Contact Energy provides Kiwi customers with quality and affordable plans. They’re among the fastest growing energy and broadband providers that offer two-in-one bundles! so This saves users on both power and internet. 

Make the most out of your broadband when you subscribe to a Contact Energy Broadband plan today. Find the right internet bundle for you using our reliable comparison tool, right here at CompareBear.

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Why sign up with Contact Energy Broadband?

Contact Energy works with the best team to provide customers with world-class products and services. They make it easy for you to shop around for deals and pay your plan using their easy-to-use mobile application. 

They have specialists who can assist you with concerns and enquiries. You also get to adjust your payment options on a daily, monthly, or fortnightly basis. Most importantly, Contact Energy uses over 80% of their generation from renewable sources, lessening harmful emissions for both humans and the environment!

Types of Contact Energy Internet NZ - Best Deals, Plans, Speed

Max Fibre

Enjoy the fastest connection with Contact Energy’s Max Fibre plan that offers up to 900/500mbps download and upload speeds. For a standard monthly rate of $129.99, enjoy lagless gaming and video streaming.

Faster Fibre

Living with family or roommates can slow down the internet, especially if multiple connected devices are doing all sorts of activities online. With Contact Energy’s Fast Fibre, you can get 200/20 download and upload speeds for $114.99 a month.

Fast Fibre

This internet plan is ideal if you’re residing in a small household with only a few people to share the internet with. For only $89.99 monthly, you get to experience 100/20 download and upload speeds which supports regular browsing as well as gaming and watching videos in HD.


Connecting to DSL is your best option if you’re located in a non-fibre area in New Zealand. Get up to 70/15 internet speeds for a VDSL connection and 10/2 download and upload speeds for Connect Energy’s ADSL plan.

FAQs about Contact Broadband

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You can go to the CompareBear and enter your address to check if you can access Fibre in your area.

Visit Contact Energy’s official website and follow instructions as provided. You can also contact their local number at 0800 641 502.

Yes. You will need to have a modem when you sign up with any broadband so you can access the internet using your services. The great news is, you don’t need to pay Contact Energy for a modem! You will receive a free modem upon signing up with one of their broadband plans.