EA Networks Fibre

EA Networks is among the leading broadband and power companies in Canterbury. They offer ultra-fast and reliable internet bundles for homes and businesses. Their services are available across Asburton, Mt Somers, Rakaia, Hinds, Mayfield, Chertsey and Lake Hood.
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Why sign up with EA Networks Fibre?

EA Networks is a local telecommunications company that has built strong relationships with customers by initiating infrastructure and projects. Their goal is to provide schools and businesses with top-tier services from electricity to broadband through the help of their trusted retail partners.

EA Networks Fibre NZ - Best Deals, Plans, Speed

Home Fibre

EA’s fibre for home broadband allows multiple users to access the internet within seconds. You can watch your favourite shows, download large files, and video chat simultaneously without delay.

Business Fibre

EA Networks also connect businesses to a faster internet connection, saving them time and money. They take pride in their advanced broadband connectivity that secures  quality and uninterrupted video calls for work meetings.

Fibre for Farms

Farmsteads operate using wifi and the internet for their daily operations. With EA Networks Fibre, farm owners and workers can have access to information that Can improve their businesses.

FAQs about EA Networks Fibre

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Yes. You’ll be redirected to your local retailer which sources their power and internet from EA Networks.

Before installing fibre for homes or businesses, you should check your coverage with EA Networks to know if you’re eligible for a fibre connection at your address. Otherwise, go to CompareBear to see which fibre providers are available near you.

Installation can take several days after the request, depending on the local retailer. Usually, they can complete the installation within 3 business days including a site visit, if necessary.