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Farmside are a leading rural broadband provider in New Zealand. Unlike other providers, their sole focus is connecting even the most remote communities to the internet. 

Farmside NZ have a wide selection of plans available, from fibre and copper wire (ADSL and VDSL) to satellite and wireless connections. They’re also based in Timaru ─ which gives them more understanding of rural internet struggles ─ to serve you an even better broadband experience. 

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Why signup with Farmside?

When it comes to their main focus, Farmside are all about rural, through and through. As Farmside were built with rural New Zealand as the top priority, their internet plans are fully customised to fit the needs of everyone and anyone living rurally. 

Farmside are also a part of the RBI (Rural Broadband Initiative), which gives them more coverage across different rural areas in NZ. On top of all this, they are operated by a dedicated local team, who are there to ensure that connecting to your broadband is made as effortless as possible.

Is Farmside the best provider for you?

If you like living rurally, Farmside NZ are your best bet. As their team were assembled away from the city centre, you can rest assured that they know all about what it’s like to live rurally, and are trained to ensure any internet problems are solved promptly. 

Farmside’s internet plans are guaranteed to be fast and reliable, whether you’re out in the Chathams Islands or in a small town like Haast. With the RBI, they’re dedicated to expanding further to reach even more Kiwis across the country. If you want to enjoy the beauty of rural NZ and be able to connect to the internet at the same time, you can never go wrong with choosing Farmside.

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Naked broadband plans

Even for rural New Zealand, home lines are becoming less and less popular. If you don’t see the need for a landline on top of your broadband, you can always get a naked broadband plan with Farmside NZ.

Landline broadband plans

Although it’s becoming less popular, landlines are still sometimes used in the most remote parts of New Zealand. Farmside only charge $10 per month for topping up your internet plan with a landline, and if you need it to be unlimited, just add another $10.

Unlimited broadband plans

Living in a large household doesn’t mean you need to limit your internet usage. Farmside internet plans can come unlimited, so you won’t have to worry about running out of bandwidth at an inconvenient time.

VDSL broadband plans

If your area only has a copper connection, try to get a VDSL broadband plan wherever possible. Although it won’t deliver speeds as fast as fibre broadband, it can still handle most heavy online usage.

Farmside FAQ

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Farmside’s internet plans cost anywhere from $84.99 to $289 per month. Their most expensive plan is a satellite connection, which services anywhere in the country.

Yes! You can take advantage of Farmside’s fibre broadband in Timaru, Nelson, Blenheim, Ashburton, Christchurch and Greymouth. The good news is that they’re working on expanding coverage for this service, so make sure to check for fibre updates regularly.

Farmside offer a referral discount where each person you refer will receive $50 in account credit... and so will you!