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Fibre broadband is the speediest internet connection available in New Zealand. It promises reliable and super-fast speeds for all types of everyday online needs.

Known as the ‘global standard’ for broadband, fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables and light to produce speeds much quicker than standard copper connections (ADSL or VDSL). The great thing about this type of broadband is that speeds aren’t affected by how far your home is from the cabinet. The performance of your internet will be more consistent and reliable than any other type of broadband connection.

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The average speeds of fibre broadband in NZ can reach up to 100mbps, which is more than enough for watching, listening, playing and working online at the same time. The quality of your internet won’t degrade with heavy usage either, as fibre is designed for heavy users who want to enjoy limitless possibilities on the internet.

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Why should I get fibre broadband?

For most Kiwis, the idea of switching to another plan or another broadband connection may seem like a hassle. However, the benefits you can reap from making the switch are worth it, especially if you switch to fibre broadband.

Fibre broadband in NZ can give you increased bandwidth, and sometimes, even unlimited data, so you can surf and play to your heart’s desire. Aside from fast speeds, it will also give you a stable and reliable internet connection. Not only this, fibre broadband in NZ generally comes with free installation in your home (depending on your location).

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of ultra fast fibre broadband in your home!

Who can get fibre broadband in NZ?

Fibre broadband is currently available to more than 75% of NZ properties. For over 4 years now, New Zealand’s top broadband providers have been working hard with the government to bring fibre internet to the rest of the country. So far, they’ve installed over 1,200 fibre-fed cabinets to more than 50% of rural New Zealand!

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How fast are fibre broadband plans?

The most basic fibre plan is Ultra-Fibre 30, which can deliver speeds of up to 30mbps downstream and 10mbps upstream. The next step up is Ultra-Fibre 100, which can deliver speeds of up to 100mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream, then Ultra-Fibre 200 with speeds of up to 200mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream.

Finally, Ultra-Fibre Gigatown can provide amazing speeds of up to 1000mbps downstream and 500mbps upstream.

Note that actual speeds may vary depending on your network, modem, computer technology, internal home wiring, and other environmental factors.

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