flip broadband nz

Flip Broadband Plans NZ

Flip are one of the newest broadband providers in New Zealand. Like other providers, they promise to give Kiwis fast and reliable internet… but they don’t just promise this – they do it!

 For Flip NZ, simplicity is the name of their game. They have just one Unlimited Fibre plan at just $15/week!

 Sign up to one of Flip’s broadband plans with CompareBear today! See how Flip’s internet plans fare in comparison to other great broadband plans in NZ by using our comparison tool.

 *Key Terms

●   No Contract or ETF.
●   One-off $20 Set Up Fee upon signup.
●   Unlimited naked fiber only.
●   30Mbps download/10Mbps upload speed (or 50/10 on Chorus network).
●   One-off $50 Postage and Handling Fee for Flip Refurbished Modem.
●   BYOD available.
●   Customers must signup online.

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