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Freedom has set high standards when it comes to their internet services and customer support. They focus on providing New Zealanders living in apartment buildings with fast and reliable broadband for work, school and leisure.

Freedom takes pride in giving Kiwis the fastest connection from over-the-phone requests to the actual activation within the vicinity. 

Freedom Internet has expanded not only in New Zealand but across Australia as well. It only proves their quality and trustworthiness in giving customers the service they deserve.

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Why sign up with Freedom Internet NZ?

Freedom offers you internet connectivity at a reasonable price depending on your needs. You can build your own plan by simply choosing the amount of data and the term of your plan, ranging from a day up until 12 months.

Is Freedom NZ the broadband for you?

Freedom is the perfect choice for travelers who want fast internet access across NZ. Freedom internet plan prices can go from $9.95 daily to $29.95 weekly, depending on the terms of your contract.

Compare broadband prices using CompareBear’s comparison page and find the best internet plan for you.

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Limited Data

Freedom’s limited data plan ranges from 60 to 100GB a month, perfect for occasional browsing and chatting with friends. If you need an internet plan but are on a limited budget, you can also build your plan which you can likewise upgrade at any time.

Unlimited Data

Experience no data limitations for all your online activities with Freedom’s unlimited internet plans from $65 to $75 for a 6 to 12 month-term respectively. 

Freedom internet speeds vary depending on the type of subscription.
Pro - $65 a month with up to 100mbps 
Super - $75 a month with 200mbps
Ultra - $85 a month with 500mbps  
They also offer big households with wifi to accommodate multiple users staying at home.

FAQs about Freedom Internet NZ

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Freedom provides modem for your internet connection as an additional product and service which costs $98.

Yes. They charge cancellation fees of $199 for a 6-month term, and $249 for a 12-month contract.

You can always compare Freedom prices against its competitors using the CompareBear’s comparison tool to know if the available options fit your needs and budget.

Freedom accepts payments using credit or debit cards, as well as payments made over-the-counter.