Gigabit Fibre Plans NZ

Gigabit Fibre can reach speeds of up to 1Gbps or 1,000Mbps! While the standard fibre broadband with speeds of up to 100Mbps remains to be fast and stable for Kiwi homes and businesses, gigabit fibre can certainly do more in a shorter time frame. 

With gigabit broadband, you can finish demanding tasks like exchanging large files or streaming high-quality videos without lag. It also means having enough bandwidth for everybody connected to the same network at the same time.

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As it’s become more widely available through New Zealand, Kiwis now have gigabit fibre in Christchurch, Auckland, and other cities in the country. If you want to switch to gigabit broadband in your area, shop around for plans using our comparison tool here at CompareBear!

Why switch to gigabit fibre?

When talking about broadband, faster speeds are always better. With gigabit fibre, you no longer need to wait for any content to load. This is especially vital to small and large enterprises where the internet is shared among multiple users.

High-speed back-up access

The built-in storage in your laptop or computer can only hold so much. This is why many are now using cloud-based storage for large files that include high-resolution photos, movies, and videos. With gigabit fibre, using cloud-based storage can be as quick as using an external hard drive or a USB stick. Likewise, you can easily transfer or download files from Google Drive or Dropbox to your local storage without waiting for too long.

Immersive digital media

Aside from gaming and streaming, 360-degree videos and virtual reality have become more popular, thanks to gigabit fibre. By upgrading to giga-speed internet, you can have faster download and upload speeds with lower latency, bringing a smoother and more realistic experience in three-dimensional environments.

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If you already have fibre in your area, you can upgrade to gigabit internet depending on the availability of plans offered by your provider.

Chorus is starting to offer gigabit fibre in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand. Soon enough, this will be accessible to rural communities once the UFB rollout has been completed.

Gigabit wifi speeds may vary based on your router, placement of modem, mesh, and other factors affecting your connection. When these conditions are met, you can get up to 850 to 900Mbps wifi speeds even with multiple connected devices.