Inspire Broadband NZ

Inspire Net offers personalised broadband services, with a big focus on providing the best customer service to Kiwis in Manawatu and its neighbouring areas.

With over two decades of trusted experience, they’re known to provide not only local-based broadband plans, but also excellent customer services. They’ve employed a highly-trained help desk team to address any of your concerns.

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Why sign up with Inspire Net?

If you live in Manawatu or in a nearby district, and you want to connect to a fast and reliable plan, you should sign up to an Inspire Net broadband plan.

Inspire Net continues to expand their services in greater Manawatu through their community champion initiative, which offers affordable connectivity to homes even in the most remote locations.

If you want to sign up for an Inspire Net broadband plan, compare them against some of the best offerings in the area using our broadband comparison tool.

What are the benefits of signing up with Inspire Net?

You can always get in touch through their phone lines at 0800 484 363. They’re open to suggestions and feedback, so chip those in via their email and social media sites. Another great thing is, they notify you about any plan changes or broadband outages, so you won’t be left wondering what’s happening to your internet.

Connecting to Inspire Net ensures you get reliable internet and friendly customer service. so Check out their internet plans using the comparison tool!

Types of Inspire Net Broadband NZ - Best Deals, Plans, Speed

Inspire Net Fibre Broadband Plans

Inspire Net fibre broadband plans come with plenty of choices and inclusions, so you can customise your plan according to your needs. Depending on your selection, you can get internet speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 950Mbps. These speeds are more than enough even for simultaneous heavy internet usage.

Inspire Net Naked Broadband Plans

If you’re one of the many New Zealanders who don’t need a home landline service anymore, you may be better off with a naked broadband plan from Inspire Net. As you don’t have to pay for unwanted add-ons and extra fees, you can save heaps on your total broadband costs.

Inspire Net Landline Broadband Plans

At only an additional $15 a month, you can already take advantage of free call minutes, caller ID, voicemail service, do-not-disturb settings, and even a “who called me” feature.

Inspire Net Rural Broadband Plans

They offer not only ADSL and VDSL broadband plans but wireless broadband plans as well. Even if your home isn’t connected to any wired services, you can still connect to the internet with Inspire Net’s wireless rural broadband plans.

Inspire Net Unlimited Broadband Plans

Inspire Net offers unlimited data for both ADSL and VDSL. Their unlimited broadband plans have plenty of great choices, giving you more flexibility in your internet plan.

Inspire Net No Contract Broadband Plans

If you don’t want to be tied up with a contract, then Inspire Net’s no contract broadband plans are the perfect choice for you! You have the choice to cancel your broadband plan any time, without having to pay for pricey termination fees.

Inspire Net FAQs

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Inspire Net’s broadband plans cost anywhere from $65 to $265 a month, depending on your broadband plan type.

You can reach by dialing 0800 484 363, or through their various online channels like email and social media.

They have ‘My Inspire’ on their website that can help you check your plan, add inclusions, and purchase other services from Inspire Net.

Inspire Net broadband offers a great deal of add-ons and benefits from time to time. Before purchasing your plan, make sure to check them out using our comparison tool here at CompareBear.