Kiwiwifi Broadband

Kiwiwifi offers high-speed and reliable connectivity in the Tasman and Nelson regions. They reach rural households, farms and businesses using a custom-made wireless network to connect users right away. They continue to work towards improving broadband plans and solutions for rural customers in the area. 

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Why signup with Kiwiwifi Broadband?

Kiwiwifi — being a local broadband — understands the challenges of slow connection in rural areas. As they’re the least places to get fast internet, Kiwifi assures stability and flexibility on your broadband plan options. They even offer Kiwis bus wifi to enjoy on the go!

Kiwiwifi setup is very easy! They'll assist you from start to finish, offering better internet with friendly and competent customer service.

Types of Kiwiwifi Broadband NZ - Best Deals, Plans, Speed

Wireless Broadband for Home

Kiwiwifi offers three broadband plans for all types of users at home. You get download speeds between 8 to 25Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5Mbps — perfect for simultaneous streaming, gaming as well as working without frequent interruptions.

Wireless Broadband for Business

Kiwiwifi has wireless offers for offices and businesses in the region. They can enjoy up to download speeds of 15Mbps and 5Mbps upload speeds that can significantly improve productivity at work.

FAQs about Kiwiwifi Broadband

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There’s a monthly installation fee of $12 a month for a 24-month contract.

Kiwiwifi plans are wireless connections that can slow down from time to time. To ensure that you get a stable connection, check if your Kiwiwifi devices are connected into your power and data cables. Make sure to have your antenna firmly attached on the roof or wall.

Kiwiwifi's Homelimited broadband plan is the only option with 100GB data which you can top up in case of going over your data limit. For unlimited internet usage, you can opt for Kiwiwifi unlimited plans for home and office at reasonable prices.

Yes. If you need more data or bandwidth speed, call Kiwiwifi for an upgrade or check internet plans at CompareBear for promos and affordable broadband deals.