Megatel Broadband Plans

Megatel is among the pioneers to offer broadband services to households and businesses in New Zealand. They’re the first provider to have broadband and electricity bundles. They also have gas and mobile plans in their catalogue of products.

 Today, Megatel continues to serve Kiwi customers by offering broadband plans and services at affordable rates. They provide broadband like no other as Megatel Fibre deals reach speeds up to 900Mbps! This is great for general browsing, gaming, emailing and watching videos all at the same time.

 If you’re unsure about your current provider and would like to make a switch, use our comparison tool at CompareBear to compare different plans available in the market.

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Why sign up with Megatel NZ?

Megatel Internet gives you everything you need for your home and office — from broadband electricity, gas, and mobile services! You can be rest assured of seamless connectivity wherever you go. 

Is Megatel NZ the right one for you?

Megatel has all the products and services that you will need for home and business, especially if you work from home. 
Save on utilities when you compare plans at CompareBear and find the right Megatel plan for your needs and budget today.

Megatel Internet NZ - Best Deals, Plans, Speed

Unlimited Fibre

Megatel offers six broadband plans tailored to suit your needs — whether you're a single user or living in a big household! You can get high speed internet for up to 100Mbps, with options for power and gas bundle at an affordable price. 

Fibre with electricity and gas for $64.99 a month with premium wifi & parental control
Fibre with electricity for $64.99 a month with dual band wireless router
Fibre with electricity for $69.99 a month with premium wifi & parental control
Fibre with electricity and gas $59.99 with dual band wireless router

Unlimited Fastest Fibre

Megatel’s improved fibre connections offer Unlimited Fastest Fibre plans with incredible speeds of up to 900/450mbps. Enjoy video gaming, streaming, and general browsing all at the same time, even with multiple connected users at home! For $89.99 a month, you save more on utilities, especially on a 24-month contract.

FAQs about Megatel Fibre NZ

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You can compare prices with CompareBear for faster and more accurate rates available in your area. You can also enquire with megaTEL for your broadband and other utility needs.

Megatel’s parental control feature offers automatic restriction on harmful and inappropriate content online.

Yes. You can get $20 discount on your broadband per month if you choose to bundle it with electricity and gas, and a $15 discount monthly if you combine it with electricity alone.