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MyRepublic are one of NZ’s leading broadband companies, known for fast internet speeds at competitive prices. Starting off in Singapore in 2011, MyRepublic are looking to change the game of internet in New Zealand. 

MyRepublic NZ are an ever-progressive internet provider, as they aim to enhance their customers’ online experience without compromising on price. Although they’re a young company, they like to move ahead of the competition by keeping their technologies updated to the newest and the current best. 

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Why signup with MyRepublic?

MyRepublic have a great reputation in Singapore, which they have now brought to New Zealand. They’re not only known for their great customer service, but also for having some of the fastest and cheapest plans in NZ.

MyRepublic NZ offers a broadband experience that online gamers will truly appreciate. They aim to deliver you the fastest broadband speeds, and at the same time, quality modems to boost your internet. These modems will truly take your internet experience to the next level.

Is MyRepublic the best provider for you?

If you’re heavy on gaming, MyRepublic NZ won’t disappoint. You won’t ever have to deal with lag again when you’re about to attack your opponent online!

MyRepublic’s internet plans have incredibly high speeds - up to 950Mbps download and 500Mbps upload. With speeds like these, it’s also perfect for large households who want to stream, work, and play, without anything holding them back.

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Fibre broadband plans

To achieve the maximum speeds that MyRepublic can offer, fibre is your best option. If you have a fibre box, it’s highly recommended to switch to their fibre offerings, so you can take advantage of the best internet speeds in the country.

Naked broadband plans

Naked broadband plans are one the most popular broadband types in NZ, as not everyone needs a landline these days. MyRepublic internet plans can come in naked, if you see no point in having a landline.

Landline broadband plans

If you want to benefit from high-speed broadband and a landline at the same time, MyRepublic NZ offers landline as well. For as low as $10 per month, you can get unlimited local calls, and 500 minutes of national and international calls.

No-contract broadband plans

If you want to keep your options open, MyRepublic’s internet plans have a no-contract option. While you might miss out on some extras when you purchase a no-contract broadband plan, not being attached to anything is a good compromise.

MyRepublic FAQ

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MyRepublic’s internet plans range from $89.99 to $119.99, depending on what you need. You can also get a free speed boost to fibre pro in the first 6 months if you choose a fixed-term plan.

Yes! MyRepublic NZ gives the option to get connected to standard fibre or the faster fibre pro. If you can have it installed in your area, it’s recommended to switch to fibre as it is worlds above the copper connections.

Is MyRepublic the best provider The MyRepublic Fibre pro plan offers the fastest speeds out of all their plans. On a good day, speeds can reach 950Mbps download and 500Mbps upload! This is almost a gigabit speed, so there’s really nothing stopping you with their fibre pro plan.or you?

On top of ultrafast speeds, MyRepublic also comes with the convenience of adding a landline to your billing. Plus, they also offer a high-tech modem to guarantee speeds even faster than what’s on your plan (depending on the day).