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Naked broadband may sound a bit risque, but it's nothing of the sort! This type of broadband simply means an internet connection without a home landline.

The increase in popularity of mobile plans in New Zealand has led to more and more Kiwis ditching their landlines, as they now use their mobile phones to communicate instead. Naked broadband is ideal for people living a modern lifestyle, and who don’t often require the usage of a home phone.

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With the decrease in popularity of home lines, most NZ internet providers now offer some of the cheapest and cost-saving broadband plans around. The best thing about going naked is its availability in ADSL, VDSL, fibre, and even wireless satellite. Many types of users have benefitted from a naked plan, from students who are renting, to families out in the suburbs and everyone in between. If you’re someone who doesn’t see the need in a home phone, then you should seriously consider getting naked broadband.

Getting the best naked broadband plan in NZ is easy! Simply visit CompareBear’s broadband comparison tool to find the latest deals that best fit your needs.

Why should I get naked broadband?

Some may find the need to have their home connected to a landline mainly for in cases of emergency. While this can be a good option, it can also easily add up your costs in the long run. After all, you can use your mobile phone, which is also readily available during emergencies.

By going naked, you can save as much as $10 a month on your utility costs, as you won’t have to pay for a landline. If you don’t need to use a landline, it’s time to look into signing up to a naked broadband plan.

Who can get naked broadband in NZ?

Great news: almost all areas in New Zealand have the option to go naked! Although some plans may come pre-bundled with a landline and broadband, don’t feel pressured into purchasing this. There’s a wide selection of plans on offer, and plenty of naked broadband plans come with great customer sign up deals too.

If you’re still connected to a landline, you may be wondering if you can make the switch to a better broadband plan in your area. With CompareBear, it’s now easy to check if there are cheaper deals available in your location. When you use our broadband comparison tool, simply type some basic details in and we’ll pull up the best options available for you.

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Comparing naked broadband plans has never been easier with CompareBear. We help you to compare the latest plans across New Zealand, from the telecommunications giants to the smaller rural providers.

Our tool is 100% free to use, and we’ll give you all the information you need to be able to make the right decision for your broadband needs. You can save money today by making the switch to a naked broadband plan.

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