Naked broadband plans

Naked broadband is simply broadband without any add-ons, so it’s really just broadband - hence the name! People are now ditching their landline phones as they have other forms of communication through their mobile phones, whether it be through texting, if they have calling minutes or just through applications such as Facebook. This is why getting naked broadband is a great idea for them as it means they won’t be paying for something they won’t be using.

Many broadband consumers have benefitted from this type of plan, from students who are renting, to families out in the suburbs and everyone in between. If you’re someone who doesn’t use their home phone a lot, then you should seriously consider getting naked broadband.

What is naked broadband?

Naked broadband (also referred to as naked ADSL) while on first glance may seem somewhat risque, it’s really nothing of the sort! Naked broadband put in basic terms, is just broadband in New Zealand without a home phone line. This appeals to the people who are fully dependent on their mobile phones for any sort of contact and do not require landline phones as a result.

More and more internet providers in New Zealand are now offering naked broadband as a part of their services as a result of the large number of people that are getting rid of their landline phones.

Why choose naked broadband?

It saves you money! If you choose naked broadband then you will save money as you will not have the expense of having the phone line. It’s important to consider however, whether you still actually need a home phone, or whether the cost to buy additional data or calling minutes on your mobile phone is greater than the cost of paying for your phone line. If you are someone who barely uses their home phone, or already has enough data and calling minutes in their existing plan, then getting naked broadband is perfect for you!

Another benefit of naked broadband is getting less unwanted calls. There’s nothing more annoying than having some stranger calling you at odd times to try sell you something that you’re not interested in at all. Even worse when you know someone is trying to scam you. This happens because when you have a phone line, your number is put into a phone directory for anyone to access. Having naked broadband reduces the chances of this happening as if you don’t have an active home phone line, then those callers will have a more difficult time trying to reach you. If you get naked broadband you can say goodbye to all those callers!

Compare naked broadband plans

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