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No contract broadband plans – as the name indicates – provides an internet connection without a contract. This is perfect for those living an on-the-go lifestyle and who don’t want to commit to a long term contract.

As more and more Kiwis are living an active lifestyle that includes constant travelling, a monthly contract will only lock them down to one place. With a no contract plan, you can cancel any time you want, and without additional charges. Although it may come with a higher price tag, it means that you have more flexibility in your internet plan.

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No contract plans are ideal if you want to test out a provider and plan, as you don’t have to worry about termination fees if they’re not the right fit. You have the flexibility to cancel or change providers anytime! What’s more is, broadband providers can even arrange the cancellation of your current broadband plan – so you don’t have to deal with an awkward breakup.

If you want more flexibility with your broadband, then a no contract broadband plan is a perfect choice for you. Compare the best no contract plans in your area and make your switch through our comparison tool here at CompareBear.

Why should I get a no contract broadband plan?

If you’re after flexibility, then you should get a no contract broadband plan. Aside from having no cancellation charges, they also come with high data limit or sometimes, even unlimited!

This means that if you aren’t happy with your no contract internet, you don’t have to put off your cancellation, and you don’t have to stay with a provider that doesn’t give you what you need! If you find a better internet deal elsewhere, you can take advantage of it immediately.

Enjoy more flexibility in your life by purchasing the best no contract plan in your area.

Are no broadband plans affordable?

Compared to a broadband service with a contract, a no contract broadband plan may come at a slightly higher cost. Installation and modem costs may also be more expensive. However, broadband plans with a contract come with hefty cancellation and termination fees, which no contract plans don’t have.

Is no contract internet fast?

You don’t have to compromise on speeds with your no contract internet. NZ’s leading broadband providers are offering no contract fibre broadband plans, as well as the more widely available VDSL broadband plans. These broadband plans can deliver speeds up to 100Mbps!

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Flexibility doesn’t have to come with a difficult process! By using our online comparison tool at CompareBear, you can find the best deals in just a few easy steps. Simply enter some basic details, like location and household needs, and we’ll give you tailored results within minutes.

Best of all, our comparison tool is 100% free! Whether you’re looking for a better deal, or you’re ready to purchase one, we won’t charge you for using our services. Compare no contract broadband plans and make your switch using CompareBear’s broadband tool.

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