Northpower Broadband NZ

Northpower offers ultrafast broadband, electricity, and alternative energy in Whangarei, Kiarapa, Mangawhai, and their surrounding areas. They’ve developed an ultra-fast fibre broadband network across 12 towns in the region, gaining over 22,700 end users in 2017. 

If you’re in the area and interested in switching to Northpower fibre, check your coverage with Northpower Fibre map or visit CompareBear to find the right fibre broadband for you.

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Why sign up with Northpower fibre?

Northpower Fibre offers world class speeds as a part of the Government's UFB and UFB2 initiatives, aiming to give first-rate fibre connectivity to students, businessmen, households and health workers.

Why get Northpower for your business?

Businesses in Northland rely on the internet for their daily operations. Although VDSL can get the job done, connecting to fibre can make transactions more efficient and more stable even at higher speeds. It makes shopping and paying online quick and easy with less downtime, outages and wait time.

Help Northpower Fibre beneficiaries

When you connect to Northpower Fibre, you're helping student beneficiaries of the Taitokerau Education Trust, aiming to make significant changes in the educational engagement of Northland children and families.

Northpower Fibre FAQs

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Pricing is based on Northpower Fibre network’s availability in your area. To get a customised result,visit CompareBear

Northpower Fibre has reached over 20,000 Kiwis and is growing even more as more areas are being connected under UFB2 Initiative starting 2021. You can find your coverage area by simply entering your home address on the Northpower fibre map.

You don't need to pay for installation costs when your home is within 200 metres or your business location is under 30 metres from Northpower’s existing poles.

There are several factors that can reduce performance of your fibre connection. One can be your faulty WiFi router. Try to restart it and wait for at least five minutes before using the internet. Conduct a speed test to check your connectivity. If nothing has changed, contact Northpower help desk to assist you.