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NOW are all about about making their customer’s broadband experience as efficient as possible. Starting out in 2011, NOW have gained popularity with their commitment to providing customers with fully personalised services. 

Although they’re a young company, NOW NZ have captured the hearts of Kiwis through their exceptional customer care. Aside from the usual calling or chatting, they also have in-home tech visits, so they can assist you personally with your internet concerns. 

It’s easy to sign up to a NOW broadband plan at CompareBear! Get the best deal by comparing NOW with some of the best internet providers in New Zealand.

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Why signup with NOW?

Great service is best paired with a fast and reliable connection. NOW realised this, so this is exactly what they’re doing to stay ahead of the competition.

With their Epic Broadband plan, you get two in-tech home visits from their tech-sperts to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your broadband. This is how NOW NZ values customer care when you purchase one of their plans.

Is NOW the best provider for you?

Are you someone who likes to have an understanding companion when you need help resolving your internet issues? Then NOW is the best provider for you!

NOW takes pride in not only being one of the cheapest providers in NZ, but also being customer-driven. Plus, they have a wide selection of offerings that will fit every type of Kiwi consumer, from heavy gamers to casual users.

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Fibre broadband plans

If your area has access to fibre, it’s best to get this type of broadband connection. The speed of fibre is worlds away compared to copper connections. Just sign up with NOW’s Ultra Unlimited plan, and you can reach top speeds of 900Mbps download and 400Mbps upload!

No-contract broadband plans

Not a lot of Kiwis like the idea of long-term commitment with their broadband. With this, NOW’s internet plans can be purchased with no-contract. You’ll likely pay a little extra, but the flexibility of having no commitments is worth it.

Naked broadband plans

If you live a modern lifestyle, then it’s best to go with a naked broadband plan. Naked simply means that you won’t have a home landline together with your broadband. This is ideal for Kiwis who use their mobile phones to make calls.

Unlimited broadband plans

No one wants to be limited with their internet usage, which is why NOW’s internet plans have the option to be unlimited. It won’t cost you a lot either, as you only need to top up $10 per month to upgrade your capped plans to an unlimited plan.

Landline broadband plans

Although landlines are becoming less popular, plenty of Kiwi homes still find them useful. With a base rate of only $5 per month, you’ll get to enjoy a landline with options for unlimited national calling or unlimited calling to almost anywhere in the world.


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NOW’s internet plans cost anywhere between $75 to $115. This excludes any add-ons and extras that you may want on top of your plan.

Whole-home WiFi allows you to have a consistent wireless connection wherever you are in the house. It does this by using three different units spread across your home, to ensure no dead spots.

Can I get a home phone with NOW Broadband?

Service, and improved service as you stay. As it’s always been, NOW takes pride in providing their customers with the best service possible in New Zealand.