Orcon Broadband Plans

Orcon are the first provider in New Zealand to offer ultrafast fibre broadband. Through the years, they have built infrastructures to make their fibre offerings even more innovative. 

Orcon NZ are fueled by innovation. Above anything else, they want Kiwis to experience what it means to have fibre internet on par with the global standards. While fibre is what they’re most proud of, they also offer ADSL, VDSL and other connections to match every type of customer. 

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Why signup with Orcon?

Customer focused, on top of ultrafast internet – that’s what Orcon have to offer. Aside from providing fast broadband, they also introduce Kiwis to new technologies like Google Home and Apple TV.

Orcon NZ are most proud when it comes to their fibre broadband. Along with the New Zealand government, they are rolling out more and more fibre infrastructures across the country, so Kiwis even in remote regions can take advantage of their ultrafast fibre broadband.

Is Orcon the best provider for you?

If your top priority with your broadband is speed, Orcon is the perfect choice for you. Although you might be paying a little more, you’ll be rewarded with some of the fastest speeds in NZ.

Orcon may not offer all the bells and whistles that other providers do, but they compensate this with giving you great value for your money. Plus, they also have a great customer service team who are there to help with any internet issues (not that you’ll have any!).

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Fibre broadband plans

It’s no surprise that Orcon’s internet plans come with fibre as an option, since this is their specialty. For only $84.95 per month, you can connect to high-quality broadband that Orcon and the New Zealand government have worked so hard to build over the years.

No-contract broadband plans

If you think that unlimited bandwidth is a better deal than flexibility, then Orcon NZ is for you. All of their plans are fixed-terms. They are upfront with this idea, and won’t fuss about selling no-contract plans with some extent of reservations.

Naked broadband plans

Orcon NZ are not only the pioneer in ultrafast fibre, they’re also the pioneer in naked broadband plans! If you mainly use your smartphone to make calls, you can purchase this plan to rid you of a landline that you don’t use.

Unlimited broadband plans

All of Orcon’s internet plans come with unlimited bandwidth! They realised that you’ll only get the best value when you don’t have to worry about your internet data running out. Their Unlimited broadband plans are perfect for all your online needs.

Landline broadband plans

Although they’re the first to sell naked plans, Orcon still gives you the option to add a landline to your internet plan. Whether you use it frequently or rarely, you can take advantage of low international costs with Orcon.

Orcon FAQ

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Orcon’s cheapest broadband plan starts at $84.95 per month. This is a Standard Orcon Fibre 100 plan, with a year-long contract.

If fibre isn’t available in your area, it might cost to have Orcon install it in your household. This is also similar for other connections such as ADSL and VDSL.

It’s the fastest broadband plan of Orcon! The Gigantic Fibre plan is capable of download speeds of up to 900mbps, depending on the area.

Innovative perks are what you’ll get along your Orcon internet plan! You can take advantage of UE Boom speakers, Google Wifi, Apple TV add-ons, and more upon signing up with them.