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Primo Wireless is a Taranaki-owned and operated regional service provider, connecting residents and businesses with ultrafast broadband since 2006. A part of their objective is to provide Kiwis with reliable and excellent wireless internet solutions with the help of their customer-oriented team. Given the growing number of internet users in the region, they ensure that all communities receive fast wireless connections with limited to zero downtime.

Experience fast internet thanks to Primo’s wireless coverage, allowing you to browse seamlessly. Visit CompareBear to find the right wireless connection for your home and business needs.

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Why sign up with Primo Wireless?

Primo believes that Kiwis deserve better internet no matter where they are in New Zealand. As Primo owners are residents themselves, they understand the challenges of getting fast broadband in a remote area, especially in Taranaki's mountainous location. That's why they introduced ultrafast broadband and reliable customer service for an overall better internet experience. What's smart about Primo is, their ultrafast broadband is backed by their local ultrafast wireless network to reduce the risk of slow connections on particular occasions.

What are the benefits of getting Primo Wireless Broadband?

Primo offers residential and business installations in Taranaki. If you want to upgrade to faster broadband, Primo provides free technical support and good customer service. Their portal allows you to track your Primo wireless data usage 24/7 and check your balance and pay your invoices.


With Primo’s strong wireless network, RBI provides extended coverage using 3G and 4G technology using Vodafone network. Check your eligibility with Primo’s customer service or compare wireless plans at CompareBear.

Primo Wireless Ultrafast Broadband NZ - Best Deals, Plans, Speed

Residential Fibre

Upgrade your connection with Primo fibre broadband which allows multiple users to and video stream at the same time. You can play, stream sports, and work without interruption.

Business Fibre

Fast internet is crucial for businesses. Minutes of downtime can lose you profit. With Primo fibre broadband plans, you prevent the risks of downtime and expensive outages. This keeps you stay connected through phone and internet despite major internet hiccups.

Resident Rural Wireless

Fast internet can be difficult to access in rural Taranaki. Good thing, Primo offers affordable wireless plans with reliable connectivity for emailing, browsing and long hours of video streaming.

FAQs about Primo Wireless Broadband

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Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) is NZ's nationwide project together with private telecommunication companies to give rural communities fast internet access. They use wireless networks to connect remote households and businesses across towns.

You get free router installation for a 24-month contract. If you're unsure about your connection, you can apply for an open contract with a $299 installation fee plus rental for $5 a month.

Send your applications and broadband concerns through their office email or contact them at 0800 123 774.

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