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Continue your sign up process on the providers page. A representative from either glimp, or our chosen provider,may give you a quick, no-abligation call. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions about this offer and sign up if you want to. There's no pressure and we won't share your contact details with anyone else.

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2degrees 2degrees

Two Degrees Mobile Limited (as they are officially known) is New Zealand's newest full service telecommunications provider. 2degrees launched in 2009, significantly lowering the cost of mobile for Kiwis, but they've actually been around a...

Slingshot Slingshot

Since launching in 1996, Slingshot has been on a mission to challenge the telco industry and fight to give Kiwi families better value internet, backed by awesome service.

Slingshot knows how important it is to...

Spark Spark

Spark Broadband is one of the biggest broadband providers in New Zealand.

Spark has a range of different Spark broadband plans available including some plans for Spark Ultrafast Fibre Broadband and Spark broadband packages with different...

Farmside Farmside

Farmside is New Zealand’s leading rural broadband provider connecting Kiwi’s all over the country with fast and reliable internet and voice solutions.

Live your life from where you really want to be with Farmside. We...