Amuri.Net’s internet plans are some of the best in the region, so make sure to consider them when you need to connect to the internet. If you want a comprehensive comparison of their offerings amongst the best providers in the region, use our comparison tool found here at CompareBear.

Why sign up with Amuri.Net Rural Broadband?

Canterbury is known to be one of the most rural and sparsely populated in the country, making it extra hard to get reliable and consistent coverage. Luckily, Amuri.Net is there to help.

With their main focus being to improve broadband services in the region, they extend their services to Waimakariri and Hurunui districts in North Canterbury. As a part of the Rural Broadband Initiative, you can expect lightning-fast broadband speeds with their continuous roll-out of fibre technologies.

How do I contact Amuri.Net?

Contact them on 0800 002 643, or through their email at [email protected].
If you want stable coverage and the best speeds in your rural abode, check out Amuri.Net’s broadband plans here at CompareBear.

What happens when I cancel my current plan with Amuri.Net?

Their broadband plans have no contracts, giving you the choice to cancel or change your plan anytime without expensive cancellation fees.

Can I request for a bigger data usage?

Yes. You can customise your plan to match exactly what you need. This is on top of their fast and first-class broadband speeds, promising quick downloads and snappy media experiences. 

Here’s an overview of Amiri.Net Rural internet rates once you go over your data cap. 

Fibre Excess Data is charged at $5.00 per 10GB - $15.00 per 50GB - $25.00 per 100GB - $50.00 per 250GB and $75.00 per 500GB. 
Wireless Excess Data is charged at $0.80 cents per GB / 10GB = $8.00. 
RBI Excess Data is charged at $1.60 cents per GB / 10GB = $16.00