Consider signing up with BlueDoor NZ today. Visit CompareBear and shop around for rural internet plans available in your area.

Why sign up with BlueDoor Rural?

If you’re located in a remote area where wired services aren’t available, consider one of BlueDoor’s wireless broadband plans. Their network runs on their own towers they’ve set up in Auckland. What’s more is that Bluedoor is part of the Rural Broadband Initiative! This ensures customers of excellent coverage from North to South Islands. They have a wide range of broadband plans, ranging from ultra-fast fibre to satellite broadband. They  also offer plenty of inclusions like modern routers, static IP addresses, unlimited data caps, home landline, and more.

Is it easy to contact BlueDoor Rural Broadband?

BlueDoor NZ knows that not many Kiwis are well-versed in the technical broadband terms. This is why they have their own team of agents to answer any of your needs. 

If you want to find out more about BlueDoor’s internet plans, you can visit CompareBear to get a comprehensive comparison of available providers in your address.

How do I know if BlueDoor is available in my area?

The simplest way is to fill out the form provided on their official website. Once submitted, one of their agents will contact you. With BlueDoor’s range of services, they cover a majority of NZ’s homes.

What are the benefits of signing up to BlueDoor?

BlueDoor broadband comes with plenty of benefits for their internet plan. Depending on your plan, you can get a free router with free installation and tons of optional add-ons.

How do I purchase a BlueDoor internet plan?

BlueDoor NZ gives you three payment options — credit card, direct debit, and internet banking. You can always settle your plan according to your preference. Although they’re a relatively small provider, they go big on flexibility and innovation to give you what you need from your broadband plan.