If you want to connect to a trusted broadband provider, consider Primo Internet NZ for your home or business. Visit CompareBear to know if Primo deals suit your needs.

Why sign up with Primo Rural Broadband?

Primo Internet NZ supports local groups and organisations in the region through their various sponsorships. They’re dedicated to improving local experience, giving businesses access to their reliable internet network and phone lines, website and email hosting services, and free wi-fi hotspots.

How can I contact Primo Rural Broadband?

Contacting Primo for any of your concerns is easy. Call them at 0800 123 774. You can also reach out to them  through email or their social media sites.

How much does it cost to install Primo Rural?

You can get free installation when you purchase any Primo Rural Wireless plan with a 24-month contract. Getting a Primo plan also includes router installation so you can quickly connect devices right away.

What are the additional benefits of signing up with Primo?

Primo offers a pre-calibrated high-speed router to ensure that you get the most out of your connection when you sign up with them. 
If you’re a senior citizen or a veteran, and you’re a SuperGold Cardholder at the same time, Primo Internet NZ plans come with even bigger discounts.

Can I switch to a different plan with Primo Rural NZ?

Yes. If you think you are better off with another Primo Rural plan, you can call Primo any time from 9AM to 530PM. You may also change the data on your plan for free.