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Spark are a trusted rural broadband provider in New Zealand. Since their establishment in the early 90s, they’ve been consistently expanding their services to introduce fast internet to the most rural and remote communities in the country.

Spark utilises the well-established 4G network in NZ to provide their two major rural broadband offerings; the naked rural wireless broadband plan and the landline rural wireless broadband plan. As they use more modern internet technology, the speeds of these broadband plans should be faster than ADSL. Best of all, Spark are a part of the Rural Broadband Initiative, which shows their dedication to connect Kiwis to faster internet.

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If you live rurally, then Spark’s rural broadband plans are one of your best options. To find out how Spark’s internet plans fare amongst the best ones in NZ, compare them using our comparison tool at CompareBear.

Why choose Spark Rural Broadband?

Why sign up with Spark?

If you want to get a broadband plan from a reputable name in the industry, then consider signing up to a Spark internet plan. As one of the pioneers of broadband in NZ, you can trust that their broadband plans offer great value for money.

Aside from getting reliable internet, Spark also give you the choice to opt-out of having a landline. This is an excellent option, especially as most Kiwis no longer use home phone services anymore. As you don’t have to pay for a phone line, you can skip the extra costs from your broadband plan.

Is Spark the best provider for you?

If you want plenty of great options in your broadband plan, then Spark are the provider for you. Aside from a guaranteed fast and reliable internet connection, they also have three price tiers to choose from (depending on inclusions). This means that you won’t have to pay for any unnecessary extras, which you may not use at all.

Spark's wireless broadband plans also come with a quick and easy installation! As long as they have services in your area, you simply need to plug in your modem, wait a few minutes, and that’s it – you’re all set to start using Spark’s 4G internet!

How do I connect to Spark Rural Broadband?

Connecting to Spark NZ is quick and secure! After performing the plug and play process on your router, use the login credentials indicated under your modem. It’s the Wi-fi key that you’ll need to connect your devices wirelessly.

If you’re installing Spark’s landline rural wireless broadband, you may need to wait at least an hour before you can hear a dial tone. This signifies that you can start making calls nationwide. If you want a wireless telephone handset to use anywhere in the house, you may request it upon signing up to their plan.

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