Why connect with Taylor Broadband

Taylor Broadband works with communities and local organisations in rural NZ. They make sure that customers enjoy fast and stable internet even in faraway locations. To bring a more seamless connectivity, they’ve built towers near homes and establishments.

Taylor Broadband Community Projects

Taylor Broadband has close relations with local communities who need reliable internet. This makes it easier for them to address any concerns about your internet connection.

If your community needs reliable internet, you can discuss the funding for setting up a common tower among all members provided that these requirements are followed: 

An open hilltop or high-site for the construction of a transmitter 
100% clear line of sight from the high-site to each subscriber's home or to a powered site on their property 
100% clear line of sight from the high-site to another of Taylor Broadband’s existing transmitters, 
At least four households to contribute funding
A minimum of 6 households to be connected

Taylor Rural Broadband Services

Rural Broadband

Taylor NZ will set up a common transmitter and broadband antenna mounted on your house or building wall, wherever is the most suitable. They’re open to conduct creative installations for reasonable costs too.

Voice and data services

For businesses who prefer phone calls and over-the-phone transactions, Taylor Broadband offers reliable services and call rates, which is ideal for small enterprises in the area.

Do I get a router with my Taylor Broadband plan?

Yes. Taylor supplies you with a wireless router for wireless connections using any device like phones, laptops, PCs, tablets and many more.

How is Taylor Broadband service delivered?

Taylor NZ has its own radio network plus hilltop transmitters that are placed around Hawkes Bay. When you apply for their Broadband plan, the antenna on your roof or building will receive a signal from one of their hilltop transmitters.

What does Line of Sight mean?

Ensuring a 100% clear line of sight refers to the unhampered signal that can be blocked by hills, trees, or buildings, affecting the quality of your internet connection.