As a part of the Rural Broadband Initiative in 2017, Ultimate Broadband NZ now offers ultra-fast fibre broadband plans to rural Kiwis. They provide these services through Enable, Chorus, and EA networks, so you can ensure great coverage and excellent services. Their network and customer base in the region is continuously growing as they offer broadband services not only for homes but for businesses too!

If you want to get a broadband plan from one of the country’s biggest networks in your rural community, check out the broadband offerings of Ultimate Broadband. To ensure that they’re the best provider to service your area, use CompareBear’s broadband comparison tool to get results tailored to your needs.

Why sign up with Ultimate Rural Broadband?

If you live in rural Canterbury, you should consider signing up to Ultimate Broadband. One of UBB’s main missions is to provide equal speeds and reliability, no matter where you are. So whether you’re in big cities such as Christchurch, Timaru, or Ashburton, or rural areas such as Akaroa, Hanmer Springs, or Omarama, you can expect the same great services and fast internet with UBB.

Ultimate Broadband NZ has a wide range of broadband plans, so there’s always something for every Kiwi. Depending on the inclusions, plans can cost between $79 to $205 a month, with optional extras for Voice over Internet Protocol, PBX, network build, cabling, static IP addresses, and WiFi solutions. Average speeds are measured around 25-30mbps speeds, which is more than enough even for heavy daily online tasks.

Is it easy to contact Ultimate Rural Broadband?

You can call 0800 000 945 or 03 929 0020, or reach out on their social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. If you need further assistance, you can also try sending enquiries on their website’s contact page.

If you need more options for your broadband plan, visit Comparebear for deals and other internet services in New Zealand.

What are the benefits of signing up with Ultimate Broadband?

If you’re happy with the services of Ultimate Broadband NZ, you can refer them to a friend and get $25 off of your account. They’ll also give your friend $25 off of their first billing statement.

How do I know if Ultimate Broadband is available in my area?

Similarly, you can reach out to Ultimate Broadband NZ through phone or fill in their contact form on their official website.