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Vodafone are a telecommunications giant, so it’s no surprise that they offer rural broadband plans too. They utilise their well-established 4G network through Rural Connect to deliver broadband signals to even the most remote areas of New Zealand.

Vodafone Broadband NZ are a big part of the Rural Broadband Initiative, as they aim to shorten the internet gap between urban and rural connectivity. Through their various projects like Sure Signal, they extend their coverage to where wired networks are difficult to install. Also in line with this mission, Vodafone supports the agricultural sector by providing them with Machine 2 Machine solutions, which helps with the monitoring of soil moisture and water management.

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If you’re looking for an innovative provider that offers great solutions for rural living conditions, then you should consider getting a Vodafone wireless broadband plan. To find out how Vodafone’s internet plans fare amongst the best ones in NZ, compare them using our comparison tool at CompareBear.

Why choose Vodafone Rural Broadband?

Why sign up with Vodafone?

If you want a fast and reliable wireless broadband connection, then consider signing up to a Vodafone rural broadband plan. As an established broadband company, they guarantee you a network fast enough for online tasks such as checking emails, browsing through social media, sending messages to your friends, and even downloading and streaming content.

If you find that your Vodafone internet plan doesn’t deliver what they’ve promised, you can easily get a refund with their 30-day money-back guarantee! If you aren’t satisfied, they won’t bombard you with lots of questions – you get your money back hassle-free! This is great if you want to test how reliable their connection is in your area before committing to them completely.

Is Vodafone the best provider for you?

If you like to easily manage and monitor your broadband plan, then Vodafone Broadband NZ are the perfect choice. Through their mobile app, you can monitor your plan, add extras and add-ons, top-up, and pay for your plan. Best of all, Vodafone’s mobile app is secure with a 4-digit PIN, giving you peace of mind that your confidential information is safe and secure.

On top of this, they also ensure that their installation process is quick and easy. There won’t be any unnecessary digging, cabling, or lines like wired internet – just a simple ‘plug in and play’ of your modem! They back this convenient process with an excellent customer service team who are always happy to resolve your concerns.

How do I connect to Vodafone Rural Broadband?

For a trusted broadband provider like Vodafone, it’s only natural that connecting to their internet plans involves a simple process. Upon completing the installation process, you simply need to input the default login credentials into your wif-fi settings, so your devices can connect to the internet.

Vodafone’s wireless broadband plans are also easy to change with their mobile app too! If you’ve consumed all of your broadband data before the end of the month, you can easily purchase an additional 1GB, 5GB, or 50GB of data.

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