Why sign up with WheroNet Rural Broadband?

WheroNet wants seamless connectivity to residents and business owners in rural areas, that’s why they’ve developed smart software to detect connection problems right away. What’s more, is that they also conduct creative installations at the right price! They’ve secured customers’ privacy through straightforward terms and conditions that you can always double-check. 

Likewise, WheroNet gives you the option to select the best plan for their needs — that’s why they offer a 30-day testing period. If you decide not to continue with WheroNet’s services, you can cancel your plan on the last day of the trial period. You can, however, discuss your concerns and negotiate about reconnection.

WheroNet Rural Broadband Offerings

Limited Data

For as low as $65 a month, Kiwis can enjoy a monthly data allowance of 50GB with speeds of up to 10Mbps download and 2Mbps upload. This is perfect for general browsing and social media. If you’re interested to upgrade to a bigger data, you may opt to increase your data allowance of up to 700GB for $165 monthly — that's adding only $15 for every additional 50GB!

Unlimited Broadband

Sometimes, you have to pay extra fees for exceeding your data cap. To avoid this, you can switch to an unlimited plan for only $180 per month! Enjoy streaming movies, shows, music, and many more. This is also ideal for remote learning and working from home allowing you to be online 24/7.

How fast is WheroNet?

WheroNet can reach about 10/2 Mbps upload/download. This is suitable for remote learning and a work from home setup.  That’s much faster than going online using a dial-up! Not only that, you can exceed this speed limit and experience up to 50 Mbps based on how near you are from WheroNet transmitters.

Can I play online games with WheroNet Broadband?

Yes. WheroNet has low latency, making online gaming possible and more enjoyable at home.

How do I know if WheroNet is accessible in my area?

Check WheroNet’s official page to know if you’re eligible to connect with their services. They provide a map showing places where WheroNet can be accessible.