Why sign up with WiFi Connect?

WiFi Connect has a team of specialists who have worked and developed broadband solutions to in rural areas. Their decade-long service through undertakings with Wairoa Wireless and TokomaruBay.net made them one of the best wireless internet providers in areas where Fibre isn’t available yet. They also provide quality customer service for any of your broadband needs and concerns, especially with your connection.

Affordable and reliable internet

WiFi Connect provides unlimited broadband data for only $12.50 per week, perfect for unlimited browsing and streaming of your favourite shows.

Wide range of plans

They also offer a selection of wireless and fibre connections that don't require a telephone. You can get speeds of up to 50/30mbps for download and upload.

WiFi Connect Broadband Offers


WiFi Connect offers bundles for single, heavy users and farm owners. They anywhere from $50 to $120 with speeds of up to 10/5mbps download/upload. Their higher speeds of up to 30mbps  is ideal for streaming movies, gaming, and general browsing.


They supply fibre plan packages starting $79 based on your required internet speed. Switching to WiFi Connect's fibre connection lets you enjoy average speeds of 50/30mbps plus unlimited broadband data for all your internet demands.

How do I know if WiFi Connect is available in my area?

Go to WiFi Connect’s official page and check your coverage by entering your address. So far, they wireless broadband to Tolaga Bay, Te Whaiti, Minginui & Ngaputahi, Murupara & Galatea, Hokitika & Greymouth Districts, Fox, Glacier To Bruce Bay, Kawerau, Hari Hari, and Haas.

How much does it cost to install WiFi Connect?

Get your wireless internet set up for a one-time fee of $355 inclusive of wifi router and home antenna. Costs may vary depending on the kind of installation for your home or location.

If you’re switching to Fibre for your home or business, you can choose between an open contract with a one-time setup fee of $125 for their router or a 12-month plan with a free router.

Can I use my existing wifi router with WiFi Connect?

Yes. But you can also consider WiFi Connect’s router device you can get when you purchase any of their broadband plans.