Why sign up with Wireless Dynamics?

Wireless Dynamics is a partner in providing fast internet to rural homes and farmlands. Their broadband plans are tailor-made to adapt the digital lifestyle of rural Kiwis, which includes daily online activities like purchasing goods online, digital banking, web browsing, and many more. Their plans come with an adjustable data cap feature, based on the customer's budget and requirements.

Wireless Dynamics also offers RBI plans to locations outside ultra-fast fibre areas. RBI uses long-ranged fixed wireless towers built by bigger providers like Vodafone to reach homes, businesses, as well as animal sheds. Choose from their wide range of plans from $105 to $165, offering you up to 200GB of data a month.

Wireless Dynamics Broadband Offers

Ultrafast Fibre

With the rollout of UFB across remote areas in NZ, farmlands can now have access banking, maps, and other daily transactions without any interruption. Wireless Dynamics helps these enterprises to rise up and better their services through fast internet connection even when they’re far away from the city.

Rural Wireless

Wireless Dynamics’ rural connections are built systematically from towers down to monitoring routers, connecting homes to stable internet. They work with a system that can easily detect and resolve connection issues.


DSL connection is your best option when Fibre connection isn’t available in your area. With speeds of up to 50mbps download and 10mbps upload, you can work from home, stream movies and music and browse your social media feed.

How do I sign up with Wireless Dynamics?

Simply check Wireless Dynamics’ official page to know if you’re eligible for connection. Once confirmed, they will conduct a site visit to check for obstructions like trees, hills or other structures that block your signals.

Can I switch to Fibre with Wireless Dynamics?

Yes. Wireless Dynamics gives updates on your Fibre connection when ready, and give you the option upgrade from your DSL connection right away!