Wireless Nation offer a wide range of broadband plans at the most affordable rates. To find out how Wireless Nation’s internet plans fare amongst the best ones in NZ, compare them using our comparison tool at CompareBear.

Why choose Wireless Nationa Rural Broadband?

Why sign up with Wireless Nation?

Purchasing a Wireless Nation broadband plan goes a long way – it not only provides you with a fast and reliable internet connection, but it also helps in giving back to remote communities in New Zealand. They organise several community outreach programs, giving you confidence that every dollar you spend with them goes the extra mile.

As they’re a wireless broadband provider, their plans are perfect if you’re planning to travel across the country. With Wireless Nation NZ, you don’t have to worry about connecting to your friends and family, even if you’re in a secluded location driving your campervan. Wherever you are, they make sure that your internet speeds and reliability are consistent throughout your journey.

Is Wireless Nation the best provider for you?

If you’re after a provider who have set their focus on small communities like yours, then Wireless Nation NZ are the best provider for you. They are dedicated to creating a better online experience for Kiwis living outside urban areas and suburbs. Aside from wireless plans, they’ve also expanded their offerings to include wired plans, like copper and fibre broadband, to accommodate the needs of a wider range of Kiwis.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll find their Fibre Max plans perfect, as it provides speeds as fast as 900 Mbps download and 450 Mbps upload. Even if you’re in a rural community, you can take advantage of unlimited broadband plans whether that be fibre, VDSL, or ADSL.

Can I connect to Wireless Nation’s customer service lines?

Connecting to Wireless Nation is quick and easy. While it’s better for them if you know basic technical details about the internet, not knowing anything is completely fine. They’re happy to assess your connection concerns, and make sure that any issues get resolved as soon as possible.

Wireless Nation NZ are based in New Zealand, so you can trust that they know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to rural connectivity. Their customer service is always reliable, which is evident as they’ve been voted as the Best Specialist Broadband Provider in 2019 and the Best Rural Broadband Provider in 2017

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