Why connect with Yrless Internet?

Yrless Internet knows the struggle of rural Kiwis from having slow internet. Even basic tasks such as loading pages and sending messages can take up so much of your time. That’s why they offer rural Kiwis with a stable connection that can connect them to the internet within minutes. 

Signing up with Yrless is easy. They offer 100% protection for your data and won’t compromise any private information even after jumping from one website to another. Yrless broadband plans comes with Antivirus protection so you can enjoy using the internet without worrying about viruses and hacking.

Yrless Broadband Offerings


Upgrade your connection to Yrless Fibre for as low as $86 per month and Enjoy up to 100mbps internet speeds with unlimited data.


For areas where Fibre isn’t available yet, you can still get fast broadband speeds with VDSL or ADSL Browse, send emails or download files all you want for $105 per month.

Data Backup

Yrless Internet also offers offsite data backup with the help of local based companies. They store your data and information using n-1 systems, protected under the NZ law. With Yrless, you don’t have to think twice about losing important data. For other privacy concerns, send your concerns through their agents and expect feedback in no time.

How do I check my data usage?

You can log in to your Yrless online account and you can immediately find how much data you’re using. You may also contact Yrless helpdesk.

Can I send large files with my Yrless unlimited plan?

Yes, Yrless can send file sizes up to 10MB. For larger files, you can use Dropbox or Sendbigfiles to transfer data. If you’re working from home and need speeds, choose Yrless’ Fibre plans.

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