Why sign up with Zelan Internet?

Zelan Internet offers wireless connections to remote locations that are outside copper and fibre network areas. They aim to give communities access to the internet at an affordable price. They don’t connect customers through telephone lines; instead, they beam the signals straight to your home or business. With Zelan Internet, you can experience long hours of surfing online, chatting with friends, and social media as long as you want without any delay.

Zelan Wireless Broadband Plans


If you're outside the main cities and townships, Zelan's Rural internet plans are for you! Get up to 10mbps internet speed with 40GB of data for $89 each month. If you need bigger data add an extra $3 per Gb or opt for an unlimited plan for $149 a month.


Get fast internet at home with average speeds of 30mbps on 50 to 100GB of data monthly! Access social media, emails, and different websites even with multiple connected devices. When you sign up with Zelan Residential, you can get a wifi router for free upon purchasing their 12-month contract plans.


Retail shops in coastal areas need reliable internet too. Zelan’s wireless business plans have you covered! To know whether you’re eligible for this type of connection, reach out to their customer service.

Does Zelan Internet have a trial period?

Zelan offers a 12 to 24-month internet contract with a $99 to $199 installation fee

Can I get Zelan Wireless for my business?

Should you need a wireless connection for your business in the area, enquire with Zelan’s customer services for costs and coverage.