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Why sign up with Bluedoor Satellite Broadband?

Bluedoor offers customisable satellite plans based on your current circumstance. This is suitable for families and businesses that don't have access to fast internet. With their wide selection of products paired with the best customer care, Bluedoor is able to serve households in rural homes and businesses with ease.

What are the benefits of a Bluedoor Satellite plan?

BlueDoor’s satellite broadband plans come with “burstable speeds”. It lets you adjust the bandwidth to control your data usage. You can increase or decrease your internet usage to the extent up to what you can only afford.

BlueDoor’s unlimited plans vary from $265 monthly for 40Mbps, $345per month for 50Mbps, and $885 for 70Mbps. You can also get a landline along with your satellite plan for an extra $20 a month, inclusive of free local and national calls.

Where can I contact Bluedoor NZ?

You can reach them at 0800 BLUEDOOR or get a quote via [email protected].

Does Bluedoor Satellite support gaming?

Bluedoor satellite services cover general browsing, emails, and occasional streaming.

What happens when I exceed my data cap?

You may receive an additional charge if you go over your mobile data. Don’t hesitate to contact BlueDoor if you want to modify or change your Bluedoor plan. 

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