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Why sign up with Connecta NZ?

Connecta provides reliable internet connection through its cell sites that are upgraded by the Government. They make it their duty to serve customers with utmost care and build lasting relationships with them along with a lasting internet.

Connecta NZ Rates

For heavy streaming

For heavy internet users, get their premium package for $113.45 with 60 GB data or $407.95 with 500 GB monthly, both with 10/2 Mbps internet speeds. You can upgrade these plans to VoIP phones for only $10 a month to get free national and mobile calls, Call Waiting services, and free Caller ID.

For an affordable connection

Connecta offers broadband plans for as low as $77.45 up to $371.95 monthly, with 500GB LTE data. You can also choose from their other 4G plans starting from $99.99 to $389.99 per month, depending on your location.ily added to the site for sufficient power capacity. If you’re interested in getting a full site installation, reach out to a Lightwire agent to help out.

FAQ about Connecta NZ

How do we contact Connecta NZ?

Reach them through a fixed phone line at 0800 969 869.

What are the benefits of getting Connecta NZ?

Get a fast response from their customer care at any time.

How much does it cost to install Connecta Satellite?

Standard installation costs $299, inclusive of a free business-grade router. For other enquiries, reach out to Connecta. You can also browse through CompareBear for more options.