Best of all, you can enjoy free internet when you refer Lightwire to friends and colleagues! Sign up to one of their plans today to enjoy one month of broadband for free!

Why Choose Lightwire Broadband?

Lightwire has over 220 broadband sites across the region, making them the largest wireless internet provider in the area. They offer high-speed internet in parts where most broadband services are rare. 

They give you the option to add a phone line along with your broadband for only $10! This is useful for local and international calls. If you’re also planning to move, Lightwire can assist you with setting up your broadband. 

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What are the benefits of getting Lightwire Internet?

Lightwire NZ provides free broadband installation when you sign up for their 12-month plan. If you need to connect your phone, laptop, and PC to your wireless network, their technician can it for free! 

If you have an existing 1000GB plan. Lightwire gives you unlimited off-peak data between 12 am and 6 am every day. That’s unlimited games and binge-watching at your pleasure!

Lightwire Satellite Services

On-Farm Extension

If you need to extend your internet to other areas of your property, opt for an On-Farm extension that connects your office, cowshed, or workshop to your existing plan without needing a second connection. This also includes a router, so you can connect multiple devices to the internet.

Coverage Extension

With a Lightwire coverage extension, you can provide each area of your property with its router. You can have these coverage extensions separate but billed on a single account.

Solar Extension

One requirement to get is a line of sight from a Lightwire tower. If your property can’t take advantage of this, you will need a solar extensio. When a solar extension site is installed, you can control the best line of sight location from a Lightwire tower.

AP Repeater

The AP repeater provides coverage to small communities with low population density. These towers are measured less than five metres tall and are designed to support a single 200W solar panel. If you and your neighbours need to connect directly to a Lightwire tower, reach out to their customer support for installation requests.

Full Site

The Lightwire Full Site is designed so solar and battery modules can be easily added to the site for sufficient power capacity. If you’re interested in getting a full site installation, reach out to a Lightwire agent to help out.

Lightwire Satellite FAQs

How can I reach out to Lightwire Broadband?

Visit their website and enter your home address to confirm your satellite coverage. You can also contact their customer service at 0800 121 314.

How is Lightwire installed?

Similar to any satellite broadband, Lighwire installs a small wireless receiver on the top of your house and transmits the signals back to the main site located on top of a hill. Your technician should be able to complete the installation and activate your connection in a few hours.

How do I know if Lightwire is available in my area?

Simply enquire with one of their agents or go to their website for more information. For other satellite offers in your area, visit CompareBear and compare them against other great internet deals.